Mogau's Gift free kids book cover

Mogau’s Gift

Mogau is born with a full set of teeth - but that's not his most special gift!

Free phonics books Dream of the Sea learn to read header

Dream of the Sea

Dean has a dream of the sea... learn to read the long 'e' sound with our free phonics book!

Bedtime stories Jungle Brew short stories for kids header illustration

Jungle Brew

A little girl goes on a journey to help stop a war between plants in the jungle.

Bedtime stories - Johnny Townmouse by Beatrix Potter - header

Johnny Townmouse

Timmy Willie lives in the country. Johnny Town-mouse lives in the city. Which do you think is better?

Short stories for kids Alligator Alley by Artie Knapp bedtime stories

Alligator Alley

When an alligator turns up to a bowling alley, nobody expects what happens next!

Bedtime stories A Hug Is Enough mother's day stories for kids header

A Hug Is Enough

Leah is trying to think of the best present in the world for her mother. Her whole family is here to help her think of the perfect gift!

Sbus Special Shoes header image illustration

Sbu’s Special Shoes

A little brother can do all sorts of things when he wears his big brother's shoes!

Bedtime stories The Runaway Pig short stories for kids header

The Runaway Pig

Lalita the pig spots an open gate and is out before anyone knows it! What adventures will she have?

Illustration of witch for bedtime story Baba Yaga

The Baba Yaga

A boy is stolen by a wicked witch, and recovered by a kind and brave girl.

Scared Tumi free short stories for kids header illustration

Scared Tumi

Tumi is scared of many things... but Mummy tells him there are so many people to help him.

Fairy Tales A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett chapter book header illustration

A Little Princess

The beloved story of an orphaned girl who learns to change her fortunes for the better.

Illustration of Scrooge for A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol

The classic Christmas story of the value of generosity, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Nursery rhymes Jack a Nory kids songs

Jack a Nory

I’ll tell you a story, about Jack a Nory...

Poems for kids Clocks by Phoebe Coghlan illustration


All the clocks can't agree on who is the best!

The Horrible Ghost - Kids Writing and stories by kids header

The Horrible Ghost

There was once a very strange kind of house. It was not an ordinary house... and it was the site of an extraordinary battle...

Kids writing The Broomstick stories by kids header illustration

The Broomstick

When you're learning to fly broomsticks in the classroom, all sorts of things are about to happen!

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