Art Books for Kids Thumb Birds by Sue Clancy header

Thumb Birds!

Would you like to know how to draw a Thumb-Bird? Join artist Clancy for a practical lesson!

Bedtime stories O Rain Come free books for kids header

O Rain Come

On a hot, hot day, some children long for rain...

Bedtime stories The Neighbourhood Sofa short stories for kids header

The Neighbourhood Sofa

One day Mr Barry decides to throw out his old sofa, Darla. But before he knows it, a whole community of friends pops up!

Fairy tales The Weed autumn stories for kids

The Weeds

The breeze helps some flowering weeds spread their seeds.

Illustration of moon and crazy faces for children's short story The Three Sillies

The Three Sillies

A crazy story about three silly people, and a man's quest to find three sillier!

Short story for kids The Bounce dog tale header

The Bounce

Black dog is bored at his house while his human is away... until he decides to BOUNCE!

Bedtime Stories for COVID Xmas | Dear Santa | Poems for Kids

Dear Santa

Mia writes a poem to Santa about the importance of washing his hands, wearing a mask and social distancing in Christmas 2020.

Bedtime stories My City My Dogs free kids books online header illustration

My City My Dogs

An introduction to some of the street dogs of Mumbai - who they are, what they love and dream about.

Bedtime stories Ukrainian Space Hotel by Jade Maitre short stories for kids header 2

Ukrainian Space Hotel

A cosmic fairytale - the Ukrainian Space Hotel is a refuge where children can create their own world... Featuring the amazing illustrations of the children of Ukraine.

Illustration for the childen's story The Frog Prince by Walter Crane

The Frog Prince

A Princess makes a promise to a Frog who helps her, but soon changes her mind.

Sbus Special Shoes header image illustration

Sbu’s Special Shoes

A little brother can do all sorts of things when he wears his big brother's shoes!

Free Kids Story Little Sock - Cover Illustration

Little Sock

Little Sock is lost after washing day. But his friends are here to help!

Header illustration for children's story The Elephant In The Room

The Elephant in the Room

Lindi has an invisible elephant friend - but will she give him up when everyone says he's not real?

Fairy Tales A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett chapter book header illustration

A Little Princess

The beloved story of an orphaned girl who learns to change her fortunes for the better.

Kids writing The Broomstick stories by kids header illustration

The Broomstick

When you're learning to fly broomsticks in the classroom, all sorts of things are about to happen!