Bedtime Stories Catch the Moon short stories for kids header

Catch A Moon

A brother and sister long to catch the moon, and come up with a creative way to use their imaginations and fly.

Mogau's Gift free kids book cover

Mogau’s Gift

Mogau is born with a full set of teeth - but that's not his most special gift!

Short stories for kids Alligator Alley by Artie Knapp bedtime stories

Alligator Alley

When an alligator turns up to a bowling alley, nobody expects what happens next!

Fairy Tales illustration for Lily and the Lion bedtime story

Lily and the Lion

A girl marries a lion who becomes a dove, and she must travel all ends of the earth to find him again.

Brothers Grimm fairy tales The Turnip bedtime story

The Turnip

A young, plucky brother gifts a turnip to a king, and saves himself from his brother's wrath with wits!

Learn to read books Caterpillar stories for babies header


A simple early reader about all kinds of silly caterpillars!

Bobo and the Worms

Bobo is helping her grandmother in the garden, and discovers valuable information about worms.

Short stories for kids Twelve Ducks fairytale illustration

The Twelve Wild Ducks

A sister cannot speak, laugh or cry for years, in order to save her twelve brothers.

Bedtime stories The Dordles Find Fuel short stories for kids header

The Dordles Find Fuel

The Dordles have run out of fuel for their spaceship! But how will they discover new energy sources?

Illustration of children walking in forest for bedtime story Fundevogel


The story of two friends who help each other to escape a hungry cook!

Fairy tales illustration for English fairy tale Tom Tit Tot

Tom Tit Tot

A fairy tale where a poor Queen is forced to discover a magical imp's name.

Illustration for Nordic fairy tale Dapplegrim


A nordic fairy tale about a friendship between a plucky man Boots and his glorious steed.

Kids Book Cover The Three Doof Doofs

The Three Doof Doofs

Do you hear creaky, spooky sounds in the house when you're going to bed? Maybe it's the Doof-Doofs!

Free Bedtime Stories - Little Goat - page header illustration

Little Goat

Little Goat gets lost in search of the sweetest grass... or does she?

Poems for kids - Night Thoughts by Robert Louis Stevenson

Young Night-Thought

A child imagines all sorts of fantastical creatures who bring children to sleep!

Funny poems for kids illustration for poem Sticky Gum

Sticky Gum

Sticky gum can get in all sorts of places...

Funny poems for kids Sent To My Room illustration

Sent To My Room

A child is sent to their bedroom for punishment... what do you think?

Kids writing The Broomstick stories by kids header illustration

The Broomstick

When you're learning to fly broomsticks in the classroom, all sorts of things are about to happen!

Kids writing Lost by Nishka P bedtime stories for kids by kids


A group of friends get LOST! coming home from a phone shop!

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