Fairy Tales Princess Pink Knickers funny bedtime stories for kids header

Princess Pink Knickers

Princess Donnabella Petronella Rosebud MUST have the most beautiful dress for her parade. But is a magic dress really a dress?

Bedtime stories for babies 'Hippo Wants to Dance' header illustration

Hippo Wants to Dance

Hippo wants to dance... but her moves keep bothering everyone! Will she ever be able to dance freely?

Bedtime stories Jack o Lantern short stories for kids header

Jack O’ Lantern

A (non-scary!) Halloween tale for kids about how Jack O' Lanterns came about!

Bedtime stories Clever Gretel fairy tales for kids

Clever Gretel

Clever Gretel loves good food and enjoying life, and her quick thinking will keep it that way!

Bedtime stories The Best Egg short easter stories for kids header

The Best Egg

This bunny likes eggs! Which do you think is the BEST egg?

Cover illustration of feet- Picture books and bedtimes stories for babies - 'what is it'

What Is It?

All the animals are scared of a big shadow that is following them!

Bedtime stories Mouse Reads a Book free kids books header

B. Mouse Reads a Book

A book within a book! Watch B. Mouse read a book, and then read the book he's reading!

Bedtime stories Princess Kwan Yin fairy tales for kids

Princess Kwan-Yin

Kwan Yin is a beautiful princess who listens to her heart instead of her father.

Bedtime stories A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens fairy tales for kids

A Christmas Carol

The classic Christmas story of the value of generosity, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Bedtime stories The Dark is Friendly short stories for kids header

The Dark is Friendly

The dark might feel scary... but it is actually very friendly! A story to soothe fear of the dark.

Bedtime Stories Catch the Moon short stories for kids header

Catch A Moon

A brother and sister long to catch the moon, and come up with a creative way to use their imaginations and fly.

Scared Tumi free short stories for kids header illustration

Scared Tumi

Tumi is scared of many things... but Mummy tells him there are so many people to help him.

Bedtime stories Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll fairy tales for kids

Alice in Wonderland

When Alice follows a white rabbit down a hole, things get curiouser and curiouser!

Bedtime stories Zombie Parents from Outer SPace by Jade Maitre short stories for kids

Zombie Parents From Outer Space

Ten year old Roman realises the world is under threat when his parents, brother and school friends are turned into alien zombies by their cell phones...

Nursery rhymes Simple Simon kids songs

Simple Simon

Simple Simon met a pie-man, going to the fair...

Bedtime stories Antonio laura elizabeth richards poems for kids header


Antonio, Antonio, was tired of being alonio... a funny series of limericks for children who love sounds!

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