Bedtime stories Alphapets Too Alphabet books for kids header

Alphapets Too!

If you loved Alphapets, there's now another... with all kinds of new and unusual pets!

Bedtime stories Tails in a Tangle free books for kids header

Tails In A Tangle

Some baby squirrels can't help but get their bushy tails in a tangle!

Illustration for Grimm Bros fairytale Briar Rose

Briar Rose

Briar Rose is under a spell - that she will prick her finger on a spindle and fall into a hundred-year sleep...

Bedtime stories Wendi Weathergirl short kids story illustrations - header

Wendi’s Weather Station

Wendi learns how to become a weathergirl... but what will she do when she doesn't make the right predictions?

Palesa Can Walk stories for toddlers header illustration

Palesa Can Walk

It's Palesa's first birthday tomorrow... what gifts will she receive? The greatest one of all !

Bedtime stories The Runaway Pig short stories for kids header

The Runaway Pig

Lalita the pig spots an open gate and is out before anyone knows it! What adventures will she have?

Short stories for kids Circles free picture book header


A mother vulture teaches a baby vulture about the cycles of life and death.

Bedtime stories Dance Mihlali stories for kids header illustration

Dance Mihlali

A little girl is worried she will forget her dance steps at a big concert.

Illustration of red ogre for children's short story Little Thumb

Little Thumb

A little boy with a great deal of tenacity saves his brothers from an evil ogre.

Fairy tales and bedtime stories Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll illustration cheshire cat

Alice in Wonderland

When Alice follows a white rabbit down a hole, things get curiouser and curiouser!

fairy tales stories for kids illustration of funny green man for Katherine Pyle's Oh


The story about a lazy son, a fed up father and a green creature called Oh!

Bedtime stories The New Road Short Stories for Kids header

The New Road

Some children are worried about the insects when a new road is built.

Short stories for kids - An Autumn Walk - illustration of boy in forest surrounded by leaves

An Autumn Walk

A Dad takes his family for a walk through the forest, to find chestnuts and other natural treasures.

Yes You Free Childrens Picture Book Halloween Ninjas header image

You! Yes You!

Are YOU ready to help a warrior fight monsters and ninja monkeys? Yes, YOU!

Zombie parents Halloween story chapter book serial

Zombie Parents From Outer Space

Ten year old Roman realises the world is under threat when his parents, brother and school friends are turned into alien zombies by their cell phones...

Kids writing Lost by Nishka P bedtime stories for kids by kids


A group of friends get LOST! coming home from a phone shop!