Bedtime Stories Shaka and Mazi short stories for kids header

Shaka and Mazi

Shaka has an invisible friend. Will he join him when he moves house?

Bedtime stories My Best Friend short stories for kids cover illustration

My Best Friend

A little girl has a friend in the mirror with whom she loves to do things!

Halloween stories Jack O Lantern by Andrea Kaczmarek bedtime stories for kids

Jack O’ Lantern

A (non-scary!) Halloween tale for kids about how Jack O' Lanterns came about!

Bedtime stories Whose Shoe Is This short stories for kids header

Whose Shoe Is This?

Fezile is looking for his grandmother's shoes, but keeps finding other ones!

Cover Illustration of cat for Kids Bedtime Story Picture Book 'It Wasn't Me'

It Wasn’t Me!

Uh oh! A cat and a dog are on the loose, and they're making a GREAT BIG MESS!

Not Now free short stories for kids header illustration

Not Now, Not Now!

A little boy must wait for everything he wants... you'll never guess why!

Phonics books Dad Can Nap early reader header illustration

Dad Can Nap

Learn to read with the 'a' sound in this first phonics reader by Storyberries.

Bedtime stories Bastien's Apple Salad by Jade Maitre header

Bastien’s Apple Salad

Bastien loves making a mess in the kitchen! Today he's making his own special creation for his family...

Fairy Tales The Fair with the Golden Hair by Madame d Aulnoy

The Fair With Golden Hair

A handsome courtier begs a princess marry a king, but the princess falls in love with him instead.

Fairy Tales illustration My Own Self stories for kids

My Own Self

It is hard to go to bed, but with the help of a fairy anything can happen!

Nursery rhymes Simple Simon kids songs

Simple Simon

Simple Simon met a pie-man, going to the fair...

Illustration of children- poems for kids - Escape at Bedtime

Escape at Bedtime

A child escapes bed, and discovers a night-time delight in the garden.

Funny poems for kids illustration for poem Compliments


If you're teased by kids at school, here's just the thing to reply...

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