Not Now free short stories for kids header illustration

Not Now, Not Now!

A little boy must wait for everything he wants... you'll never guess why!

Illustration of girl in tower for bedtime story Rapunzel


The classic fairy tale of a long-haired princess trapped in a tower.

Bedtime stories for babies Toast header illustration


Some naughty animals on baby's picnic want her toast!

Lost Toy

A wordless picture book about a lost giraffe, and his short adventure!

Title Illustration for Free Kids Short Story The Sea

The Sea

A little girl tells of what she does when she goes to the beach.

My Fish No My Fish short stories for kids header illustration

My Fish! No, My Fish!

Kicchu and Choru both believe they've caught the biggest fish. But the fish are smarter than both of them!

Bedtime stories Danger Worm short stories for kids header illustration

Danger Worm

Little Worm wants nothing more than to leave his cosy home. But there are so many dangers!

Fairy Tales illustration Chinese Fairy Tales

Rose of Evening

Rose of Evening is beautiful and kind, but what is she keeping secret?

Illustration for Korean fairy tale Rabbit's Eyes

Rabbit’s Eyes

A turtle gets into a fix when he tells tall tales to some fishes.

Nursery rhymes Cross Patch kids songs

Cross Patch

Cross patch, draw the latch, sit by the fire and spin...

poems for kids Field of Grass bedtime poetry header

Field of Grass

How beautiful is my very own field of grass! I wouldn't like it to be the same as anyone else's!

Kids writing Lost by Nishka P bedtime stories for kids by kids


A group of friends get LOST! coming home from a phone shop!

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