Bedtime stories The Inside Book by Matthew Griffiths kids stories about COVID 19 header illustration

The Inside Book

Why is everybody staying inside? And why are people wearing masks? A picture book helping children understand COVID-19.

Bedtime stories Sunshine Australian bush illustration short stories for kids


A girl called Sunshine becomes lost in the bush, but her friends help her find her way home.

The Faithless Parrot Vintage Childrens Story Header

The Faithless Parrot

Fido loves Pussy, but Pussy is infatuated with Paul Parrot. What can Fido do?

Fairy Tales illustration Three Feathers story for kids

Three Feathers

The story of a bird husband, his wife, and three magical feathers.

Bedtime Story I Can Dress Myself short stories for kids header illustration

I Can Dress Myself

Mummy is sleeping... so this little girl will dress herself! A no-words picture book.

Bedtime stories Jam free books online header illustration


Jam jar just wants to be peanut butter... but he's so much better as himself!

Bedtime stories The Tiniest Snail short stories for kids header

The Tiniest Snail

The Tiniest Snail finds it easiest to hide from the farmer. But what happens when he is put into a salad?

Illustration of wolves in snow for children's poem Frost

The Frost

The winter frost changes everything it touches - for better and for worse!

Fairy Tales The Fair with the Golden Hair by Madame d Aulnoy

The Fair With Golden Hair

A handsome courtier begs a princess marry a king, but the princess falls in love with him instead.

Illustration of girl's face for children's short story The Little Match Girl

The Little Match Girl

The classic sad fairy tale about a poor little match girl selling matches in the snow at Christmas.

Palesa Can Walk stories for toddlers header illustration

Palesa Can Walk

It's Palesa's first birthday tomorrow... what gifts will she receive? The greatest one of all !

Illustration for kids poem Japanese lullaby by Eugene Field

Japanese Lullaby

A soft bedtime lullaby from Eugene Field, inspired by Japanese imagery.

Kids writing The Broomstick stories by kids header illustration

The Broomstick

When you're learning to fly broomsticks in the classroom, all sorts of things are about to happen!

The Horrible Ghost - Kids Writing and stories by kids header

The Horrible Ghost

There was once a very strange kind of house. It was not an ordinary house... and it was the site of an extraordinary battle...

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