Bedtime Stories Smile Please short stories for kids header illustration

Smile Please!

Little fawn hurts himself on a boulder. You'll never guess what his mother suggests to feel better!

Halloween bedtime stories Youre My Boo by Jade Maitre header

You’re My Boo

A cute non-scary Halloween story about the most loveable little Halloween kid in your family!

Fairy tales The Weed autumn stories for kids

The Weeds

The breeze helps some flowering weeds spread their seeds.

Phonics books Dad Can Nap early reader header illustration

Dad Can Nap

Learn to read with the 'a' sound in this first phonics reader by Storyberries.

Bedtime stories The Bubble Mystery funny stories for kids header illustration

The Bubble Mystery

Toot-Toot likes swimming in a bubbly pond... but why are there so many bubbles?

Bedtime stories Tails in a Tangle free books for kids header

Tails In A Tangle

Some baby squirrels can't help but get their bushy tails in a tangle!

Illustration for bedtime story Tamlane


Janet must trust a fairy named Tamlane, in order to return him to human form.

Bedtime stories My Best Friend short stories for kids cover illustration

My Best Friend

A little girl has a friend in the mirror with whom she loves to do things!

Nursery rhymes Little Bo Peep poems for kids illustration 1

Little Bo Peep

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, and doesn't know where to find them!

Funny poems for kids illustration for poem Band Aid Mania

Band-Aid Mania

Every kid will tell you how much they love band-aids!

Kids writing The Broomstick stories by kids header illustration

The Broomstick

When you're learning to fly broomsticks in the classroom, all sorts of things are about to happen!

Kids writing Lost by Nishka P bedtime stories for kids by kids


A group of friends get LOST! coming home from a phone shop!

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