Short Bedtime Stories for Kids Who Takes The Train header illustration

Who Takes The Train?

Naledi is taking the train to the beach with her Mum - and there's so much to see!

Bedtime Stories Catch the Moon short stories for kids header

Catch A Moon

A brother and sister long to catch the moon, and come up with a creative way to use their imaginations and fly.

Bedtime stories Taper Tom fairy tales for kids

Taper Tom

Taper Tom sets off on a quest to make an unhappy Princess laugh.

Bedtime stories The Old Witch fairy tales for kids

The Old Witch

Two sisters seek their fortune - but only one of them is helpful to others.

Catch That Cat!

A cat is stealing socks from a boy! Can he catch her, and get his socks back?

Bedtime Stories The Monster Must Go short stories for kids page header

The Monster Must Go

There’s a monster in our house. It’s noisy, messy and smelly. And it’s time for the monster to GO!

Bedtime stories Norse Lullaby poems for kids header

Norse Lullaby

A stormy, rainy lullaby for children who love natural drama.

Bedtime Stories The Worlds Best Ice Cream by Jade Maitre short stories for kids header

The World’s Best Ice Cream

Angelina really, really loves ice cream. But with so many delicious flavours to choose from, will she find her favourite?

Bedtime stories Carousel poems for kids header


A poem about the thrill of riding a children's carousel !

Bedtime stories Hans in Luck fairy tales for kids

Hans in Luck

Lucky Hans believes that everything that happens to him is lucky... and it is!

Bedtime stories Oh by Katherine Pyle fairy tales for kids


The story about a lazy son, a fed up father and a green creature called Oh!

Sleepy Mr Sloth short stories for kids header illustration

Sleepy Mr Sloth

Mr Sloth just wants to find one comfortable branch to sleep on. But how can he, when he's sharing the tree?

Bedtime stories A Little Princess fairy tales for kids

A Little Princess

The beloved story of an orphaned girl who learns to change her fortunes for the better.

Bedtime stories The Snow Queen Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales for kids

The Snow Queen

Two friends are separated by a Snow Queen and an icy heart.

Bedtime stories Zombie Parents from Outer SPace by Jade Maitre short stories for kids

Zombie Parents From Outer Space

Ten year old Roman realises the world is under threat when his parents, brother and school friends are turned into alien zombies by their cell phones...

Nursery rhymes Simple Simon kids songs

Simple Simon

Simple Simon met a pie-man, going to the fair...

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