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Funny poems for kids Sent To My Room illustration

Sent To My Room

A child is sent to their bedroom for punishment… what do you think?

Fairy Tales for kids Raggy Queen illustration

Queen Raggy

A funny modern fairy tale about a kingdom’s quest for the next King…

Funny poems for kids winter illustration Bundled Up

Bundled Up

Brr… it’s winter. How do YOU dress in winter?

Funny poems for kids illustration The Iglood Life

The Iglood Life

There are some very good things about living in an igloo… and some very bad things too!

Funny poems for kids illustration The Hard Way

The Hard Way

This kid will go to all lengths not to do his homework!

Funny poems for kids illustration Looth Tooth

Looth Tooth

Thomeone hath a looth tooth ! What’th a kid to do!

Funny poems for kids illustration Cow-Ard


This kid just won’t do it! Never! (What? You’ll have to read to find out!)

Short stories for kids Timmy vs The Monster illustration

Timmy VS The Monster

Timmy’s parents don’t believe there’s a monster in his closet. What do you think Timmy will do next?

Funny poems for kids illustration Rich Kid

Rich Kid

Have you ever found a coin! What did you spend it on?