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Funny poems for kids illustration Looth Tooth

Looth Tooth

Thomeone hath a looth tooth ! What’th a kid to do!

Funny poems for kids illustration Cow-Ard


This kid just won’t do it! Never! (What? You’ll have to read to find out!)

Short stories for kids Timmy vs The Monster illustration

Timmy VS The Monster

Timmy’s parents don’t believe there’s a monster in his closet. What do you think Timmy will do next?

Funny poems for kids illustration Rich Kid

Rich Kid

Have you ever found a coin! What did you spend it on?

Bedtime stories for babies Toast header illustration


Some naughty animals on baby’s picnic want her toast!

Funny poems for kids illustration for poem The Bean Scene

The Bean Scene

Not all beans are the same! What’s YOUR favourite kind of bean?

Fairy tales Clever Gretel Brothers Grimm illustration

Clever Gretel

Clever Gretel loves good food and enjoying life, and her quick thinking will keep it that way!

My Fish No My Fish short stories for kids header illustration

My Fish! No, My Fish!

Kicchu and Choru both believe they’ve caught the biggest fish. But the fish are smarter than both of them!

Where is Thabo free childrens football book

Where is Thabo?

It’s a school day… and nobody in the family can find Thabo!

Illustration for kids poem Antonio by Laura Elizabeth Richards


Antonio, Antonio, was tired of being alonio… a funny series of limericks for children who love sounds!

Illustration of elephant and telephone for funny kids poem Eletelephony


Have you ever seen an elephant trying to use the telephone…?

Free short story for kids - Annual Haircut Day - cover art illustration

Annual Haircut Day

All Sringeri Srinivas wants is a haircut once a year. Will anybody help him tame his locks?