Poems for Kids

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Poems for kids by Phoebe Coghlan The Blues illustration

The Blues

Do you ever get ‘the blues’? How does it feel?

Poems for kids Bubblegum First Things First illiustration

First Things First

Have you ever wondered who was the first person to try all the things in the world?

Poems for kids Facing Fears by Phoebe Coghlan spider illustration

Facing Fears

Tilly is scared of spiders, and her friend knows just what to do…

Funny Poems for Kids Camera Shy Illustration

Camera Shy

What happens when a photo Mum’s got of you is the WORST?!

Poems for Kids Ouch Illustration


All bad kinds of things happen when you run into a door!

Poems for kids Clocks by Phoebe Coghlan illustration


All the clocks can’t agree on who is the best!

Poems for kids Cone Head by Arden Davidson

Cone Head

Sometimes the biggest icecream ever can be a real pain in the stomach!