Choose Short Stories for Kids by Reading Time

5 min bedtime stories

Princess Susie

Princess Susie really wishes she had a baby brother, and goes on a quest to find one.

Elephants Can Read, Too!

Stripy Elephant and his friends have a BIG problem… they never hear the end of the bedtime story! So Stripy Elephant decides he…

The Thank You Book

A rhyming poem about being grateful every day, for love, beauty and family.

10 min bedtime stories


Flynn can’t wait til he turns nine, because he’ll be able fly. But what happens when the unexpected happens?

The Dordles Find Fuel

The Dordles have run out of fuel for their spaceship! But how will they discover new energy sources?

Our Beautiful World

The monster of climate change looms over our planet. How can we make a difference?


A girl called Sunshine becomes lost in the bush, but her friends help her find her way home.

A Candle In The Window

Four trick-or-treating kids visit an old house at the end of their street, and return with a basket of apples…

20 min + bedtime stories

The White Doe

A Princess, by enchantment, transforms into a white doe. Will true love prevail and help her break the spell?

Zombie Town

Elroy is scared of most things, especially going on a school camping trip. But that’s not counting the ZOMBIES!

Prince Ariel

A prince has a red hat that makes him invisible, and uses it to pursue Love.