Listen to the Christmas song

Close your eyes, and go back to bed,
I know you’ll rise and shine when morning comes again.
One last story then you rest your sleepy head,
Close your eyes and go back to bed.

When I was young, just about your age,
We travelled north to where it’s winter every day.
All roads end somewhere so we walked most of the way,
And met some kind stranger on the eve before Christmas day.

He smiled behind a beard white and offered us a ride,
Back to his home where he said we could spend the night.
With a gentle lift his sleigh had taken flight,
Drawn by reindeer through that northern evening sky.

There in a clearing was a house all strung with lights.
We landed softly and he welcomed us inside.
He headed for his workshop as we warmed up by the fire.
He said, “I hope that you’ll excuse me, but at dusk I’ve got to fly.”

I woke up on Christmas morning a little bit confused.
I must’ve slept the whole way home and been carried to my room.
I know you’re thinking “how could all of that be true?”
My parents said, “This card is signed to you,
And who it’s from we haven’t got a clue.”
But there inside, was just one line and as I read my eyes grew wide
It said, “it was a pleasure meeting all of you.”

Close your eyes, and go back to bed.
I know you’ll rise and shine when morning comes again.
One last story then you rest your sleepy head.
Close your eyes and go back to bed.

© David Stone 2020


Poem for Kids / Song for Kids, written by David Stone

Illustrations by Rawpixel, with thanks.


Imagination, Independent Thinking

1. Do you think the child in this song really did see Santa Claus? Why or why not?

2. Why do you think people like to tell stories about Santa Claus at Christmas time?


1. How do stories about Santa Claus make you feel? What kinds of things do they make you think about?

About the Singer / Songwriter

“David Stone’s songs are carefully written and could easily stand alone as poetry. The fact that he can accompany them with strong melodies that lend themselves to sing-alongs, a voice just this side of gravelly, and delicate guitar work when the occasion calls for it makes Stone a quadruple-threat.” – Rachel Cholst.

David has been writing and releasing music for a little over a decade, with nearly a dozen solo releases to date.

As someone who loves telling stories, much of Stone’s work begins as poetry or short stories, almost always inspired by real people and events.
The line between poem, story and song are blurry at best for David, who’s always found music to be a beautiful and universal conveyer of stories and emotions between friends, and strangers alike.

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