There’s nothing quite like the energy of young children; they act as if everything is possible, bouncing out of bed as soon as morning comes! Although some of their character is shaped by innate personality traits, parenting also has a significant role. When kids feel accepted, loved and valued, they are much more likely to develop a passionate, optimistic and realistic attitude to life.

Why is the energy of passion so vital?

Passionate energy motivates, drives creativity, inspires learning and provides the momentum to keep going.

How do we encourage passion?

We can encourage kids by helping find things that spark their passion, and by allowing them to give their energy to the things they love. Their subject of interest may be one that lots of children share, or it may be more unique to them. It’s about discovering what sparks their desire and responding enthusiastically to that.

Where do I start?

Storyberries provides a wide variety of free online children’s books to enjoy, as well as parenting tips to encourage adults to embrace the energy of passion in their kids.

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Choosing the things we love

Encourage creativity by allowing children to choose the activities they love. When we respond warmly to the energy of passion aflame in the hearts of our children, their energy increases, as does their desire to delve deeper and to give of themselves fully.

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The freedom to explore

We cannot guess what children’s passions will be – passions are born spontaneously, so it’s important to allow children the space and time to explore their interests freely. The discovery of a passion is in itself a treasure of enormous personal worth.

Allowing uninterrupted moments of curiosity and discovery helps kids in really important ways. By being allowed the freedom to explore, they can awaken their passions, and it gives them a healthy space in which to grow.
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Enjoying the process of learning

When children start practicing something they really enjoy, we can try to avoid judging their work in an overly-evaluative way, so instead of judging the outcome, we can appreciate the process – by enjoying their happiness, and by valuing their effort, their search for new solutions, or their intensity of concentration.
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Setting challenges and celebrating success

We can help kids by setting creative challenges and celebrating what they achieve. Setting fun challenges takes children out of their comfort zone and gives them confidence. In kind ways, we can also acknowledge where they could improve, because children appreciate it when we are sincere.
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Valuing and unifying home and school

It’s very affirming for kids if their parents value their school experiences and find ways to link what they are doing at school with activities or responsibilities at home. Doing so helps to provide continuity and gives children a sense of the value of their contributions.


Some Free Books About Passion At Storyberries

Best free books at Storyberries
Bedtime Stories Wiggle Jiggle Short Stories for kids header illustration

Wiggle Jiggle

In this funny and delightful book, Wiggle Jiggle embraces life with passion as he enjoys growing from caterpillar to butterfly. A beautifully quirky celebration of life!
Bedtime stories His Kingdom for a Fork writing by kids illustration header

His Kingdom For A Fork

What could be better for encouraging kids to live their dreams than reading a wonderfully imaginative story written by a budding young author? Maddie P. tells the story of a girl called Victoria who gives a very surprising gift to the king.
Bedtime stories The Ocean Dream free kids books online header

The Ocean Dream

“Everyone she knows has their own dream” muses Coral. Allowing kids to explore their imaginations is so important for helping them to discover their passions. In this beautiful book Coral explores the world of her underwater ocean dreams.

Article by Luzmery M. Romero Gamboa and Fleur Rodgers

Luzmery Child Psychologist Storyberries

Luzmery works in the area of clinical psychology as a psychotherapist for children, adolescents and families. Since 2016, she has run a Psychological Center in Venezuela called Psicoluz. She offers workshop facilitations to parents, is involved in recreational activities for children, and has been working as a freelancer since 2017 performing online psychotherapy. 

Storyberries parenting portal author and mindfulness coach Fleur Rodgers

Fleur is a meditation teacher in France and uses a compassion and loving-kindness based approach to meditation and slow-minded living. Fleur posts regularly to Instagram @rodgers.fleur . She has two children, is a qualified teacher in adult education and is the founder of