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Sleeping Beauty, Rumpelstiltskin, Little Red Riding Hood, and stories of Cinderella… Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen… Arabian Nights, Aesop’s Fables, Greek myths and Norse legends…

Famous Fairy Tales

The Elves and the Shoemaker

A shoemaker and his wife have magical assistance from some elves every evening when they go to bed. But do the elves need…

The Little Mermaid

The classic Hans Christian Andersen tale of a Little Mermaid, and what she will do for love.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

A king suspects that his twelve daughters go dancing every night… and a young prince takes the challenge to discover them.

Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales

The Three Dwarfs

Three Dwarfs meet a poor girl who shares the last of her bread with them.

The Queen Bee

A younger brother is a wise dwarf who teaches his brothers kind things.

Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales

The Butterfly

A butterfly takes his time in deciding which flower he should marry.


A beautiful story of a much loved Grandmother who dies, by Hans Christian Andersen.

English Fairy Tales

Gubbon Seer

A witty wife helps her husband solve his problems in all sorts of sticky situations!

The Little Weed

A little weed feels worthless, until it helps some hungry birds.

The Blinded Giant

A giant keeps Jack prisoner for seven years… until finally he makes his escape!

Prince Darling

A prince learns how to have empathy with the help of a fairy and a ring.

The Six Sillies

A young man wants to marry a silly girl… but must find three sillier people first!

French Fairy Tales

The White Doe

A Princess, by enchantment, transforms into a white doe. Will true love prevail and help her break the spell?

Prince Ariel

A prince has a red hat that makes him invisible, and uses it to pursue Love.

The Blue Bird

A pair of lovers are separated when a king is turned into a blue bird.

The Friendly Frog

A friendly frog helps a queen and a princess to escape a lion witch.

The Yellow Dwarf

A yellow dwarf forces a queen and her daughter to make a promise they cannot keep…

Chinese Fairy Tales

Rose of Evening

Rose of Evening is beautiful and kind, but what is she keeping secret?

Oscar Wilde Fairy Tales

The Happy Prince

The status of a Prince begs a sparrow to help him bring happiness to the sad and poor of his city.

The Star Child

A short story about a beautiful child of the stars, who learns about humility.

The Selfish Giant

The tale of a selfish giant who closes his beautiful garden to children.

Norse Myths and Legends


A child called Minnikin conquers three trolls to save two captured princesses.

The Seven Foals

Cinderlad is lazy, until he meets a King that will put him to the test!

Aesop’s Fables

Baby’s Own Aesop

A collection of Aesop’s fables in short poetry form – along with vintage illustrations.

Japanese Fairy Tales

Scottish Fairy Tales

The Elfin Knight

Lady Janet acts courageously to rescue her True Love from a fairy queen’s grasp.

The Light Princess

When a Princess is caused by a spell to be as light as air, a Prince discovers the way to make her happy.


Janet must trust a fairy named Tamlane, in order to return him to human form.

Russian Fairy Tales

The White Duck

A Princess trusts a wicked old witch, who turns her into a white duck.

The Baba Yaga

A boy is stolen by a wicked witch, and recovered by a kind and brave girl.

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