Chapter Ten – Finding Out About Hob

“Wow, what a performance,” said Jerry “Are they all like you in your family, Hob?”

“Family?” Hob looked puzzled.

Jacob tried again. “Have you got brothers and sisters, Hob?”

The goblin seemed to understand this time.

“Yes, brothers and sisters.” Then he looked sad for a moment: even a greedy, grubby goblin misses his family.

Jerry felt a bit sorry.

“What are their names, Hob?” He sat down beside the messy little creature.

Hob thought for a minute and then rattled off, “Rob, Tob, Dob, Sob, Bob, Cob, Lob and Fob.”

Jerry and Jacob looked startled.

“Wow! Eight brothers,” said Jerry.

“One’s enough for me,” said Jacob, grinning.

Hob frowned. “No, no, one is a sister, girl goblin. Bob is a girl.”

Jacob laughed.

“That figures. Poor old Hob, I bet you miss them. Anyhow, we’d better start on the shoe search. Goodness knows how long it is going to take to find a tiny green elf shoe in all that lovely green, green grass,” said Jacob.

Jerry agreed. “Yes, it’s probably about the size of a tiny doll’s shoe, and Spaghetti Hob here can’t even remember where he dropped it.”

Hearing the word, Hob jumped up to join the boys. “I like spaghetti – it is so good.”

Stinky Goblin middle grade fiction chapter 10 illustration spaghetti goblin


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