How To Choose A Book To Read at Storyberries!

There are so many free stories, poems and fairy tales at Storyberries that it can be easy to just skim the surface, and miss out on enjoying our entire free library!

Luckily, the site is organised in lots of different ways, to help you find the best books for children.

🍓By Age 

You can find stories for kids on Storyberries by age category.

Our 0-3 age category has books that are best for babies. Very simple words and sounds, accompanied with pictures, often of animals or babies.

Our 4-6 age category has books that are best for children who are just learning to read, or who like their parents to read to them while they look at the pictures. Most of our picture books, for example, are in the 4-6 category.

Our 7-12 age category contains more challenging material that you can either read to children, or that they can read to themselves. It includes our longer short stories, vintage fairy tales and chapter books.

🍓By Type

Is your child passionate about fairy tales? Or comics? You can search our stories and poems by type. We have Fairy Tales, Chapter Books, Poems, Comic Books and Learn to Read books.

🍓By Time

You can choose stories that are 5 minutes, 10 minutes or more than 20 minutes long.

🍓By Topic

Here’s where you can follow your children’s passions. Do they love Animals? Princes & Princesses? Monsters? Dragons? Food? Toys?  You can find stories organised by the subjects your kids love to read about.

🍓By Conversation

We are passionate about how stories can help parents and children meet the challenges and learnings of life. Every one of our stories at Storyberries is accompanied by discussion topics that you can use after reading, to discuss issues that are important to small growing humans. For instance Creativity, Friendship, Empathy, Independent Thinking or Gratitude.


We hope this short guide will make it easier for you to find the best stories for your little one(s).

Happy reading! 🍓