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I’ve heard it said that Halloween
Is when all black cats yowl.
And ghosts glide past all dressed in white
And witches prowl and howl.

But I know better! It’s the night
When harmless tricks are done,
And when with Jack-o-Lanterns bright
We children can have fun.

Bobbing for apples plays its part
And fortune telling, too.
There are just countless pleasant things
On Halloween to do!

And if the ghosts and witches roam,
As many people say;
I’m sure that they are out like us
To join in happy play.

Halloween poems for kids The Real Halloween jack o lantern illustration

Halloween Poem for Kids by Dorothy Shipman

Let’s Talk About the Poem – Ideas for Talking With Kids


  1. What do you think is the best thing about Halloween? Do you think it’s spooky? Or fun?
  2. What was your favourite Halloween ever? Why?