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A fat golden pumpkin lay in the field,
A golden moon rode in the sky.
The pumpkin shouted “Hello there brother!
Who put you up so high?”

The man in the moon smiled a jolly smile
At the pumpkin far below.
“I’ll light up the sky while you light the Earth,
On Halloween, you know.”

So the fat golden pumpkin smiled at the moon,
And the moon smiled back at him.
All through the night till the morning came
And the twinkling stars grew dim.

And each felt content with the task he had
And called it a work of love.
Though one lay low on the cold black earth
And one rode high above.

Halloween Poem for Kids by Dorothy Shipman

Let’s Talk About the Poem – Ideas for Talking With Kids


  1. Even though the moon is much higher in the sky than the pumpkin, the pumpkin is still happy. Why is this?
  2. What do you think this poem might say about the things that can make us truly happy?