Mihailo is one of our best-loved illustrators at Storyberries

With his trademark crazy style that makes stories fun, Mihailo has illustrated a ton of our best-loved books at Storyberries, including Kai and the Very Crazy Day, PLUGHOLE!, Too Many Faces, When the Fires CameRusty and Me, The Dragon Who Couldn’t Puff, On What Planet Is That Okay?!, Crepe Louise (translated into 2 languages) and Olive Stays In (translated into 8 languages…).

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With such a fun and lively repertoire, we thought you might like to know a little bit more about this very talented self-taught illustrator.

Mihailo says…

I am from Belgrade, Serbia. Ever since I was a kid I felt a drive to draw. I was a typical boy, loved cowboys and pirates, knights, cars and spaceships. My imagination was running wild and I had to put it all on paper.

Scary Halloween Bedtime Stories PLUGHOLE by Jade Maitre header

I never studied for an illustrator – I graduated as a historian – but the need to create prevailed and I became a professional Illustrator.

Now I spend time drawing and traveling the world – if I am not at my computer, drawing, you can find me running in the woods or hiking in the mountains – my passions are art and nature.

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