Lullaby By The Sea

Illustration for children's poem Lullaby By The Sea by Eugene Field
A lullaby for a mother who lives by the sea alone with her baby.
Lullaby By The Sea

Fair is the castle up on the hill–
Hushaby, sweet my own!
The night is fair, and the waves are still,
And the wind is singing to you and to me
In this lowly home beside the sea–
Hushaby, sweet my own!

On yonder hill is store of wealth–
Hushaby, sweet my own!
And revellers drink to a little one’s health;
But you and I bide night and day
For the other love that has sailed away–
Hushaby, sweet my own!

See not, dear eyes, the forms that creep
Ghostlike, O my own!
Out of the mists of the murmuring deep;
Oh, see them not and make no cry
Till the angels of death have passed us by–
Hushaby, sweet my own!

Ah, little they reck of you and me–
Hushaby, sweet my own!
In our lonely home beside the sea;
They seek the castle up on the hill,
And there they will do their ghostly will–
Hushaby, O my own!

Here by the sea a mother croons
“Hushaby, sweet my own!”
In yonder castle a mother swoons
While the angels go down to the misty deep,
Bearing a little one fast asleep–
Hushaby, sweet my own!


Header illustration created  at Pixabay.


Bedtime, Conversation

1. Does the sound of the sea ever make you feel sleepy? If so, why do you think this is?

2. Do the mother’s words in this poem sound at all like the sound of the sea? Which ones?

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