We once sang a sweet song

in the merry month of June,

“Oh Come With Me To The

Valley Of The Moon!”


We shall travel about in clothes

of golden sand,

if you will just give me your

precious little hand.

Oh come now,

lets go to the moon!


In those shaded craters

we shall forever swing

from a beautiful hand stitched

hammock that I thought to bring!

Can you come with me to the valley

of the moon?


In the sands of shining gold

we’ll all happily dance,

where only sunbeams

and angels have pranced!


We will sit about

in the cool shade and shadows,

eating manna from the fairies

in the valleys!

Oh please now,

do come to the moon!


Oh…can you see…there..,

my dear child, oh look!

Where the old man’s left eye is,

we will be!

All of us forever merry,

like a portrait in a book!

Oh please now,

lets go to the moon!


Yes you, yes me,

all of us and the whole family,

do come now,

lets go away soon!


© H.L. Dowless, 2020


Poem for Kids written by H.L. Dowless



1. Can you imagine what it would be like to explore the moon? What kinds of things can you imagine you might see there?