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I don’t have jewels and diamonds, nor a golden chandelier,

I don’t need lavish toys and gifts to fill me with good cheer.

I haven’t a large house but ponder, “What are riches worth?

When through my window I can spy the wonders of the Earth!”


Blazing sheets of pink and red adorn the morning skies,

I love to watch the sunsets, see the stars and moon arise.

I love to play in parks and ride my bike or climb a tree,

Love winter walks and summer strolls and paddling in the sea.


I’m free to go exploring, breathe the air and clear my mind,

And like a bird I’ll fly the world to see what else I find,

And like a stream I’ll softly flow through every turn and twist

And like the sun I’ll melt away all shadows in my midst.


© Phoebe Coghlan 2020



1. Why do you think it can make us happy to look around and observe the world around us?

2. What can you smell right now? What can you hear? What can you see? How do you feel?

3. What do you think it means to be ‘free’?

Poem for Kids written by Phoebe Coghlan

About the Writer

Phoebe is an Intensive care nurse working in a central London, Major Trauma hospital. After busy twelve hour shifts, she likes to sit down with a cup of tea and write whatever comes into her head. You can see all her wonderful stories and poems at Storyberries by clicking here.