Mother’s Day

Poems for Kids Mothers Day by Templeton Moss
A short and sweet poem about our much-loved Moms!
Mother’s Day

She hugs you tight and tells you
Things are gonna be okay.
She knows just what’s the matter,
Even when you cannot say.
So this year, on her special day,
Here’s just what you should do:
Be real nice to your momma
Cuz she’s been nice to you.


Mothers’ Day Poem for kids written by Templeton Moss

Header illustration from Pixabay, with thanks

Let’s Chat About The Stories ~ Ideas for Talking With Kids


1. What do you love most about your mother?

2. How about your grandmother?

3. What do you think is special about the feelings we have for mothers, grandmothers, and the other people in our life who love and care for us?


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