High diddley dee
The squirrel zoomed up the tree
The cat, with sharp claws he fought
But alas, no supper he caught
High diddley dee!

Rum doodley do
There’s a crawfish in my shoe
His mudhole went kerplop
When atop it I hopped.
Rum doodley do!

There once was a jazz cat named Ollie
Who took a ride down Canal Street’s trolley
He played his tricky trombone
And I, my shiny saxophone
As we dined on shrimp gumbo & tamales!

Poem for Kids by Stacie Eirich

About the Author: Stacie Eirich is a writer, singer & library associate. A former English Instructor, she holds a Masters Degree in English Studies from Illinois State University. She is the author of The Dream Chronicles, a middle-grade fantasy series (2016-2019). Her poems have appeared in Auroras & Blossoms Anthologies, Scarlet Leaf Review, MUSED Literary Review & Ruby Magazine. She lives near New Orleans, La with three cats, two kids and one fish. www.stacieeirich.com