Our children who live on earth,

Holy are each and every one of you.

May good dreams come,

Your way be found,

And heaven and earth rejoice with you.


May you be given

All you need for life

And may you accept our mistakes

As you allow yourself

To make mistakes and grow.


Lead us with imagination

And true integrity,

For yours are the minds, the hearts, and the souls

To heal the world

Now and forever.

  © Aaron Zerah

Children’s Poem written by Aaron Zerah

Illustrations from Pixabay, with thanks.



1. What do you think when you read this poem? How do you feel about yourself? What you can do in the world?

About the Author

From early childhood Aaron’s parents, both Holocaust survivors, showed (and continue to show him) the power of acceptance and love. As an ordained Interfaith Minister, teacher, and parent, Aaron honours the wisdom found in all peoples and cultures. Aaron believes in the spirit of children and their power to create a world of peace and joy. Aaron currently lives in the lovely town of Sechelt, British Colombia (near Vancouver), a place of great beauty and people.

Our Children: A Prayer for the World | Poems and Bedtime Stories

A beautiful multi-faith prayer for all children, celebrating their imagination and courage to heal the world.

URL: https://www.storyberries.com/poems-for-kids-our-children-a-prayer-for-the-world-childrens-poetry/

Author: Aaron Zerah