The Blues

Poems for kids by Phoebe Coghlan The Blues illustration
Do you ever get 'the blues'? How does it feel?
The Blues

Some days I’m sad and I feel so alone

I worry and cry about fears unknown,

And I can’t find the words to express what’s inside

So I smile instead and my sorrows I hide.


Shadows unfurl on this path that I tread

As the leaves arc in canopies over my head.

But the dark’s an illusion, I know the sun’s close

I reach up to grab it, fall short on my toes.


I’m a faraway shipwreck, a speck in the sea,

If I dropped from the Earth, would you come, follow me?

I could do with a hand that will guide me along,

Will you give me a cuddle, remind me I’m strong?


These blues are just passing like storms in the night,

In the morning I know I’ll be happy and bright!

Though today I feel trapped like there’s no place to run,

Tomorrow I’ll laugh with my friends in the sun!


© Phoebe Coghlan 2019


Illustration from Pixabay, with thanks.


Feelings, Conversation

1. Have you ever felt a bit sad? How did it feel like, to you?

2. What are some ways that you can think of to cheer yourself up?

3. Can you also think of some ways to cheer up someone else who feels sad?

Creativity, Independent Thinking

1. Why do you think we sometimes call sad feelings ‘the blues’?    

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