The sun was blazing that day

As my friends and I walked along.

Then we heard the sound,

Oh that beat, to a great, great song.


It was the day of the Hippo Hop Dance,

That we learned comes once a year.

And no matter who they were,

They just knew, that they had to be there.


Hippos were everywhere; they were jumping,

They were moving their feet.

They threw their hands, up in the air,

Just grooving to the beat!


That safari turned out to be,

Much more than we could hope.

It’s not often, that one sees,

Hippos dancing and jumping rope.


People ask, where’s the photos?

For a tradition so long and proud.

And I am quick, to let them know,

That no cameras were allowed.


© Artie Knapp 2020


Poem for Kids written by Artie Knapp

Illustrations by Pixabay



1. Can you dance like you imagine the hippos would have danced?

Independent Thinking

1. What kind of dance moves do you think would be impossible for a hippo to do?