The King lives off infinite riches and Gold,

Whilst his people stand shivering out in the cold.

Yet still he craves more! He says, ‘Catch me a star!

Bring me a rainbow! A moon in a jar!

I want a wise phoenix! A magical power!

Bring me these gifts or you’ll rot in the tower!”

“Impossible, sir!” they replied in the town.

“That mean King deserves not one jewel on his crown!”


A mystic appeared quite by chance the next week,

“My Lord, I can grant you the magic you seek,

If a power so special’s the gift that you yearn,

Then eat these green seeds and invisible you’ll turn.”

The King slurped them down, and he vanished away

By choice, he became non-existent that day.

The people rejoiced and they danced and they cheered:

“Oh, what a great day for our King’s disappeared!”


© Phoebe Coghlan 2020


Poem for Kids written by Phoebe Coghlan



1. The King in this poem has lots of power. But power comes with responsibilities. What are the responsibilities of a King?

2. Do you think the King in this poem is being a good King? Why or why not?