Chapter Seven – The Trouble With Goblins Is …

“She’s right there. Old Hob does pong a bit,” said Jerry, helping himself to a croissant and a mug of hot chocolate.

The goblin sat up and rubbed his eyes. “Where am I?”

“Good morning, Hob.” Jerry handed him a croissant which Hob grabbed and stuffed into his mouth.

“We’re going up to Gran’s house to shower,” Jacob informed Hob. “Do you want us to bring you a bowl of water to wash?” he ventured as the goblin snatched another croissant.

“Wash?” Hob spluttered through a shower of flaky croissant crumbs. “What is that?”

“Thought as much.” Jerry grinned at Jacob.” We’ll be back in half an hour. Don’t touch anything. Then we’ll go off and find your hole, goblin’s honour.”

‘Don’t touch anything’ was a bit optimistic. When the twins got back, Hob had eaten the remaining contents of the cooler, spilled most of the hot chocolate, broken a plate and pulled all the monster posters off the walls.

“Don’t like,” was Hob’s only explanation about the posters he had torn off the wall and ripped up.

“Thanks Hob, we knew we could rely on you to make a mess,” Jacob muttered as he quickly cleaned everything up and then pointed a finger at the goblin. “Let’s get going back to the woods to find that hole.”

Hob scratched his head, looking unhappy, but you can’t always tell with goblins, they are always scowling.

“If anybody comes, you hide dead quick, over there in the brambles, okay?” Jerry told Hob.

Having a goblin chasing along behind you might not be easy to explain to any neighbours jogging in the woods. When they got to Hob’s tree they easily found the small ring of stones., which was a nice surprise.

“Now tell us where you landed, the hole must be nearby.” Jacob looked around for anything promising.

Hob scratched his head and screwed his face up in a kind of ‘trying hard to remember’ glowering frown.

“I bumped my head and then I walked around in the dark, like this.”

The goblin began staggering around in crazy circles, this way and that, all over the place.

“Great,” Jerry muttered. “That means the hole could be anywhere within ten metres.”

“What about checking rabbit holes?” Jacob suggested.


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