As the hopeless caged children arrived the sound of chatter ringed their ears like bells, causing them to cramp up with fear,

Nuns pushing them out of their cage like they were old bags no one cared about, changing everything on them from head to toe.

Strange bees and butterflies danced and gracefully landed on the blooming colourful fresh meadow full of flowers.

Only one bush brush flower was only seen in the whole entire meadow solitarily swaying in the gentle breeze.

So different was everything around me…

Isolation and fear wrapped its wings around me, not planning to let go,

But that one flower, that bush brush from the deserted outback,

Made my heart soul leap with a tiny portion of hope

One day, just one day, I might go back

To the orange, dry, barren-red outback… my home.

Storyberries Kids Writing - Author Bio Victoria 20