Jerry and Jacob clean out Gran’s old garden shed to make a den, but on their first late-night walk in the woods behind it, they come across a very strange, grubby little person and their problems begin. A small pile of rags that can talk! The boys want to run away fast, but they take pity on the peculiar, moaning, groaning and very smelly creature. They promise to try and get it back to its own world – GoblinLand. And hiding a goblin in their den is a full time job..!

Chapter Two: The Shed Takes Shape


The den was slowly being transformed. After the scrubbing with a million buckets of water, came the painting.

“Just white, please.” Gran insisted. “But you can hang up some nice pirate posters and things if you like.”

“Pirate posters, as if,” Jerry mumbled after she’d gone.

Jacob nodded. “It’d be more like Gran’s den than ours. We’ll hang up some of our dinosaur and space monster posters and see how she takes it.”

Jerry grinned as they pinned up their posters, spread out their sleeping bags and scattered the cushions that Gran loved around the floor.

“It’s our den, our place, and I can’t wait to camp out here. Tonight’s the night.”

Even Gran had to agree as she inspected the new shed den.

“That’s what I call a big improvement. You can phone for pizzas. You’ve earned it, boys.”

So Jerry and Jacob ordered their favourite extra-cheesy pizzas before bedding down for the night.

Gran filled the cooler with apple juice and snacks for a ‘Midnight Feast’ and then left the boys to enjoy their first real camping survival night.

“A midnight walk through the scary woods is more like it, eh, Jerry? Not too scary though,” Jacob laughed as he tore into his slice of pizza. “Are the batteries in the torch okay?”

Nervously, Jerry picked up the torch and tested it.

“Yeah, just fine.”

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