Chapter Twenty Five – Goblin Selfies


“Oh, hello boys!” Mr. Bailey looked serious as they entered the shop. “Your snaps are back, but I am afraid I’ve got bad news for you.” He picked up a piece of paper and read it. “This throwaway camera has probably been incorrectly stored. Extreme heat or cold can damage the film. As a result, the quality of these photographs is very poor.”

Mr. Bailey looked at them sadly. “When I read that, I took a look. Sorry boys, but your Halloween mask party photos are very poor quality indeed.” He handed the boys a packet with their photographs.

Jerry frowned and queried, “Halloween mask party?” as he took the envelope from Mr. Bailey.

“Well, that’s what it looks like,” Mr. Bailey explained “But really, really bad quality. There is no charge.”

Jacob swallowed hard as his shaky hand opened the photo envelope outside the shop.

Then the twins started laughing so loud that inside the shop Mr. Bailey shook his head and wondered what was so amusing about poor-quality photos.

“No wonder Mr. B thought it was a Halloween mask party.” Jerry pointed at the Bob selfie.

“And just look at these, that’s Hob, looking pretty scowly and dead angry.”

The boys went through the rather grey and very fuzzy pictures, most of them were really really bad, but the goblins were plain enough to see, if you knew they were goblins, of course!

“Bob has got a lot to learn about taking pictures.” Jerry laughed at one of just a goblin eye.

There was a very blurry selfie of Bob wearing her new T-shirt and beads, then one of what looked a bit like a group of girl goblins doing a kind of scary thumbs-up pose.

“Oh great, Gran will be pleased.” Jerry tried to make out what a strange photo might be, but then decided, “I think that great big black bucket with stains all over it is a pot of guzzle. One goblin seems to have his head stuck in it, must be Hob.”

“Let’s get these photos back to Gran,” Jacob laughed “She’ll need her glasses to make out what’s on them, but who else has snaps from GoblinLand? Nobody in the whole wide world.”

The twins laughed all the way back to the house, where Gran was waiting for her turn to see the Halloween mask party selfies. She smiled as she stuck a picture of Bob and the other girl goblins onto the fridge, next to the quick snap she had taken of Bob holding her very full Kitty Katty backpack.

“Now, young lady, you’ll see these straight away if you come back again one day, but don’t bring your brother, I haven’t got enough air freshener, or food.”

The boys laughed, and Jacob asked, “Have you got a soft spot for Bob, Gran?”

Gran looked at the boys. “I suppose so, yes, but it was quite nice to have a little girl around for a change, even a goblin girl.”

“Don’t worry, Gran, if she brings Hob next time, you’ll be off goblins for good, I promise you.”

Were they right?

The End