Books about babies and books for babies!

Reading and being read to is an essential formative experience for any child, starting in infancy (and even before). But where to begin with the vast array of baby-centric literature out there? Here are ten great picks that will have you eager to read to and about your baby–and have your baby eager to hear about, well, themselves!

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Everywhere Babies” by Susan Myers and Marla Frazee

“Rhyme your way through a list of everything wonderful about babies. From crawling and sleeping to making the wildest noises, you’ll find there are so many things babies just do best. Some editions even include a “Baby On Board” cling that you can stick in the window of your car to let the world know about your own special passenger.” Storyberries

Snuggle the baby” by Sara Gillingham

“If you’ve got a toddler that you want to teach about caring for a newborn–maybe a brand-new brother or sister–this book is the perfect start. It’s interactive, informative, and just plain fun. You’ll be so busy putting the pieces together that you won’t even realize how much you’ve learned until you get to the end!” Storyberries

Please, Baby, Please

“This rhyming and richly illustrated story-journey is sure to be a household favourite. Stories about the fussy and funny things babies do and the ups and downs of everyday life with them–told by the ultimate storytellers, filmmaker Spike Lee and producer Tonya Lewis Lee. What’s not to love?” Storyberries

Too Busy Sleeping” by Zanni Louise and Anna Pignataro

“What to do when you want to play with your baby brother but he always seems to be…asleep? This is a sensitive and relatable tale that will speak to sibling groups everywhere. And the vibrant illustrations will keep siblings of all ages spellbound with each turn of the page.” Storyberries

What Baby Needs” by William Sears, Marta Sears and Christie Watts Kelly

“You’ll be too absorbed in this lovingly-illustrated book to realize the high-level psychology behind it. Two medical professionals walk you through the many changes that can occur in a household when a new baby arrives–and how everyone, from parents to older siblings, can pitch in to forge new relationships that make their lives fuller and better. It’s the guide to a smooth transition that you never knew you needed.” Storyberries

Baby Dance” by Ann Taylor and Marjorie Van Heerden

This book takes a playfully rhythmic text by 19th-century poet Anne Taylor, and transforms it into a colourful celebration of lifting and twirling your baby. It’s great for babies who are already responding to music and dance, but it makes an irresistible addition to any baby’s life. Just don’t get dizzy!” Storyberries

Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?” A Lift-the-Flap Book by Karen Katz

“This bright and beautiful book allows you and your baby to play along and discover. For every question, there’s a flap you can lift to learn the answer. From baby’s eyes and mouth to baby’s hands, you’ll be finding baby’s belly button before you know it!” Storyberries

What Does Baby Want?” by Tupera Tupera

“Sometimes it’s so hard for us to tell what a baby wants–just imagine how frustrating it must be for the baby! Let this book take you on one baby’s journey through a universe of toys to find what he’s really after: milk. It will be a gratifying read to mothers all over as it busts some myths and breaks some taboos about breastfeeding.” Storyberries

Mustache Baby” by Bridget Heos and Joy Ang

“Baby Billy is born with a mustache, which is all very well and good at first–until it starts to look a little villainous. Follow Billy and his family as he goes from good guy to bad guy and…back again? The hilarity of this one will delight babies, toddlers, and parents alike.” Storyberries

King Baby” by Kate Beaton

“Read along with the adventures of a demanding baby and his crowd of adoring subjects. The playful illustrations will have you laughing out loud, and the story will have you saying “true!” the whole way. This book goes out to anyone who’s ever had a baby rule their life!” Storyberries


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