Dig down to uncover the best kids books

Whether your child is naturally passionate about building things, knocking them down, and building them back up again–or whether it’s an interest they have to really dig down and uncover–here are ten great stories about life below the surface.

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Push Dig Scoop A Construction Counting Rhyme by Rhonda Gowler Greene and Daniel Kirk Diggers book list

Push! Dig! Scoop!: A Construction Counting Rhyme” by Rhonda Gowler Greene and Daniel Kirk

Recommended by Storyberries – “The mama and papa trucks are hard at work guiding their little dozers and excavators through a day of construction. Get in on the action with the rhythmic, rhyming text and fun illustrations in this book. Dig on!”

501 Things to Find (Diggers): Can You Spot Them All?” by Igloo Books

Recommended by Storyberries – “With 501 fantastic things to spot, JCB fans will love to join Joey and all his friends as they work and play in lots of exciting locations. Help Doug and the team build a bridge, find Max at the rally, and have fun at the theme park. See how many things you can find today!”
501 Things to Find Diggers Book List

The Digger and the Flower” by Joseph Kuefler

Recommended by Storyberries – “Day in, day out; construction goes on in the city. But Digger discovers something growing amid the rubble one day and realises there might be more to the world than just the things that are built. Get lost in the starkly contrasting colour scheme, the meditative text, and the better universe they imagine.”

I Dig Bathtime” by

Recommended by Storyberries – “It’s very important for a truck to get clean after a long day in the dirt. Join Excavator and a host of his fellow construction trucks for a celebration of bath time–it might even be enough to make a bath-averse kid think twice.”
I dig bathtime by Brooke Jordan and Ekaterina Ladatko Diggers book list
Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe Diggers book list

Dig Dig Digging” by Margaret Mayo and Alex Ayliffe

Recommended by Storyberries -“From trucks and tractors to helicopters, all construction vehicles work hard and play hard. Then, when it’s all done, they go to sleep. Follow the ups and downs (literally) of each workday in this bright and bouncy book.”

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site” by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenfield

Recommended by Storyberries
Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichten Diggers book list
Dig Dump Roll by Sally Sutton and Brian Lovelock Diggers book list

Dig, Dump, Roll” by Sally Sutton and Brian Lovelock

Recommended by Storyberries – “As a lesser-known saying goes, it takes a village of vehicles to raise a school. Kids will love chanting along to all the wacky noises these ones make as they get the job done. This latest addition to the Construction Crew series is a must for any tractor-friendly family library.”

Dig!” by Andrea Zimmerman, David Clemesha and Marc Rosenthal

Recommended by Storyberries – “A pool at the school, a drain for the rain…there’s nothing Mr. Rally and his faithful dog, Lightning, can’t build. Help them keep track of all the tasks they perform around town in this fun story. (Hint: there’s a lot of counting to five!).”
Dig by Andrea Zimmerman, David Clemesha and Marc Rosenthal Diggers book list
The Diggers by Margaret Wise Brown and Antoine Corbineau Diggers book list

The Diggers” by Margaret Wise Brown and Antoine Corbineau

Recommended by Storyberries – “When a group of ambitious diggers start to push their way underground, what do they discover? This wonderfully illustrated story from bestselling children’s author, Margaret Wise Brown, brings a vibrant multi-layered community to life, letting you know that there’s always more than meets the eye”

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?” by Brianna Caplan Sayers and Christian Slade

Recommended by Storyberries – “After wondering the same about steam trains and jet planes, author Brianna Caplan Sayres turns to diggers–fire trucks, bulldozers, monster trucks–and tries to find them the proper nook to rest their gears. Another brilliant bedtime pick.”
Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night by Brianna Caplan Sayers and Christian Slade Diggers book list


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Bedtime stories Which Vehicles Do You Like free books for cars trucks and things that go HEADER

Which Vehicles Do You Like?

Read for free on Storyberries – “Any child who loves diggers is sure to like the vehicles in this book. A beautiful poetic exploration of vehicles and the wonderful ways they are used.”

Billy to the Rescue

Read for free on Storyberries – “Diggers are used to getting dirty, but here’s a story about a helpful vehicle who doesn’t want to get dirty at all! Luckily Billy has good friends who help him to remember that it’s what he does that really matters.”
Bedtime stories Billy to the Rescue free kids books header illustration
Bedtime stories The Professional Dog ABCD books and alphabet books header

The Professional Dog

Read for free on Storyberries – “We can’t have a book list about diggers without including a book about the best diggers in town – dogs! This delightful alphabet book will certainly appeal ,with its playful humorous imagery of some wonderful canine friends.”