Helping kids transform their anger into positive energy

Anger is often an unpleasant emotion, and it can be destructive—but it doesn’t have to be. How do we learn to harness our anger to build the world up instead of tearing it down? Here are ten of our picks for helping kids discover the positive power of anger. And, let’s be honest, the adults could use a refresher too.

The Angry Dragon by Michael Gordon Anger book list

The Angry Dragon‘ by Michael Gordon

“Why are dragons so angry? It turns out they might just be a little misunderstood. Kids will learn from this book that being angry doesn’t make you a bad person and that they can use it to help them get through disappointment and other difficult emotions.” Storyberries
Angry Octopus by Lori Lite and Max Stasuyk anger book list

Angry Octopus by Lori Lite and Max Stasuyk

“Directed at kids ages 5-11, this book uses concepts of belly-breathing and self-calming techniques to provide a host of helpful tips for taking control of emotions before they take control of you. With tools for the mind and body, it will become a cherished part of any feelings-book library.” Storyberries
Tiger Has a Tantrum by Sue Graves and Trevor Denton anger book list

Tiger Has a Tantrum by Sue Graves and Trevor Denton

“Tiger is in a terrible mood and it isn’t good news for any of his friends. With the help of a kind guiding influence, though, he might just learn to get his anger on a leash. A vividly rendered story, perfect for kids with a quick temper.” Storyberries
Pause Power by Jennifer Law and Brian Martin anger book list

Pause Power by Jennifer Law and Brian Martin

“Never underestimate the power of the pause! This fun and vibrant book teaches children about the “reset button” that can help them reframe the way they look at frustrating situations. Before they know it, they’ll be able to take the buttons that sometimes get pushed, and turn them into ways to reset and regroup, instead of react.” Storyberries
Angry Cookie by Laura Dockrill and Maria Karipidou anger book list

Angry Cookie by Laura Dockrill and Maria Karipidou

“Can you help the angry little chocolate-chip cookie get back to smiling after a day that would test any pastry’s patience? With adorable illustrations and relatable situations, the author teaches kids that anyone can get angry—and learn how to overcome anger.” Storyberries
The Angry Little Puffin by Timothy Young anger book list

The Angry Little Puffin by Timothy Young

“Wouldn’t you be pretty peeved if you kept getting mistaken for a penguin when you were in fact a puffin? This is the story of a fed-up puffin who finds that even the kindness and understanding of one person can change his world around. A charming reminder to children and adults of the immense power of a single act of generosity—even simply listening!” Storyberries
The Angry Elephant by Hannah Kelly anger book list

The Angry Elephant by Hannah Kelly

“How do we deal with an angry elephant? Sometimes our anger can feel as big as an elephant. But we can tame it, and Hannah Kelly’s patient, lovingly drawn book is here to walk us through the process.” Storyberries
My body sends a signal by Natalia Maguire Anger book list

My Body Sends a Signal by Natalia Maguire and Anastasia Zababashkina

“Our bodies alert us to all sorts of emotions—but how do we translate those signals into action? And how do we choose the actions that will be best for us? With vibrant illustrations, plus accompanying activities like feeling cards and coloring pages, this book will help kids and adults get in touch with their emotional sides.” Storyberries
When Im Feeling Angry by Trace Mahoney anger book list

When I’m Feeling Angry by Tracey Moroney

“This comfortingly illustrated book guides kids through a series of actions for calming themselves down when anger seems about to overtake everything else. But really, it’s a fundamentally useful reminder for anyone who picks it up.” Storyberries
Ahns anger by Gail Silver and Christiane Kromer Anger book list

Anh’s Anger by Gail Silver and Christiane Kromer

“What to do if the idea of going to sit at the dinner table makes you furious? It might be worth a try to go to your room and sit with that anger. This lovingly rendered story creates a blueprint for acknowledging, experiencing, and moving past feelings that might at first seem uncontrollable.” Storyberries

Storyberries Books On Anger

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Bedtime stories Very Angry Little Dinosaur short stories for kids header

Angry Little Dinosaur

Fred the dinosaur feels very frustrated. He can’t manage to tie his shoelaces. Fred becomes more frustrated and angry until it seems like everything is wrong . His Mum teaches him how to slow down, relax his body and breathe more calmly. Once Fred feels calm again, he enjoys himself once more!
Bedtime stories Nin Wants to Get Dressed free kids books online header illustration

Nin Wants to Get Dressed

It is Nin’s first day at school. She feels sad – she wants someone to help her put her new uniform on, but everyone is too busy. Nin patiently tries to put it on herself but it’s hard and she gets in a pickle! Her family appreciate her efforts and come to her aid. A delightful book for showing an alternative to getting angry when we feel frustrated.
Short stories for kids about emotions - No picture book header


One day, Nosisi is in a NO mood. She wants to say “no” to everyone – that is, until she is offered an ice cream…Nosisi then decides that perhaps saying “yes” can be fun too!