All the fun of wheels in motion!

Cars and other vehicles that go are often one of the most fascinating discoveries for kids exploring an ever-widening world of motion and action. It’s no wonder many of them retain their fascination and reverence well into adulthood. Here are ten of our picks designed to introduce your youngster to the universe of automobiles—it might foster in them a lifelong love, or it might just remind you both of the amazing mechanisms that keep the world’s motor running. There’s an ever-changing, ever-expanding world of cars to capture your child’s imagination. These are just some of the books that will keep their mental motors running all day long!

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Cars Galore” by Peter Stein & Bob Staake

“This whimsical encyclopedia of all things automotive covers just about every type of car you and your child can think of. It seems to bounce along with its text, and reading along will soon make you feel like one of the passengers inside! As fun as it is informative, this catalogue is bound to produce at least one automobile expert in the family! ” Storyberries

My Big Wimmelbook—Cars and Things That Go” by Stefan Lohr

Wimmeltown is an immensely exciting world, with pictures just begging to be explored. Six rich panoramic scenes depict different parts of the town; you can spend hours working at everything from identifying familiar structures to pinpointing the characters that populate the streets. A must-have for helping your children (and even yourself) develop and hone observational skills.

Cars Go” by Steve Light

Cars make a lot of noise—and this fun and fast-paced picture book will help kids match those noises to the cars that make the sounds. And it isn’t all sounds, either. From a police car to a sports car to a monster truck, your kid will be picking out every type of car from a mile away on the next road trip you take. Sure to be one of the most sneakily educational books in their library. Storyberries

How Cars Work The Interactive Guide to Mechanisms That Make a Car Move‘ by Nick Arnold

This book allows your child a hands-on experience as they learn about the parts of a car and why it does the things it does. The interactive kit included will familiarize your child with machine pieces. Nuts and bolts, and a color-coded detachable peg board will help them puzzle out the basics of the exhaust valves, the steering wheel, the accelerator, and much more. You might find yourself begging them to pump the brakes! Storyberries

The Elephant Who Liked to Smash Small Cars” by Jean Merrill and Ronni Solbert

This elephant loves smashing small cars more than anyone’s loved anything before. He’ll smash any small car that crosses his path, no matter the color or model. When a newcomer to town opens a small-car store, the elephant thinks he’s found his new paradise—that is, until the shrewd businessman decides to give this local destroyer a taste of his own medicine. Your kid will be enthralled by this tale of havoc and hilarious conflict. Storyberries

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Car” by Kate Dopirak and Mary Peterson

“This adorably illustrated book follows a little car who just can’t be tired out. No matter how many friends he says good night to, he doesn’t seem to want to stop. What will it take to get him to settle down? This story will hit a relatable note for parents with endlessly energetic kids and have them singing this re-imagined song until their own little cars come in for the night.” Storyberries

Five Cars Stuck and One Big Truck: A Pop-Up Road Trip” by David A. Carter

“This family of dogs never planned to have their road trip derailed by getting stuck in the muck on the highway—much less getting piled into by other cars, including a racing car and a flying car! Will a passing truck be able to save the day? This creative book will engage young readers with its pop-up elements and amusingly layered storytelling.” Storyberries

Touchy-Feely Cars” by Fiona Watt and Stephano Tognetti

“This volume in the Touchy-Feely board book series will have kids engaging with the tactile side of cars. They’ll see a range of vehicles from classic old models to sleek racing cars, learn what causes a traffic jam, and peer inside a mechanic’s shop. And it’s irresistibly colourful. Read along with them to find out facts about cars that you didn’t know you didn’t know.” .Storyberries

All Kinds of Cars” by Carl Johanson

“The gorgeous, original illustrations in this book will take your imaginations to places they could never go in even the fastest car. Swedish artist Carl Johanson pushes the definition of a car to its very limits, finding a means of transportation in everything from a snowplough, a galactic bus and even a “guitar car”—whatever that is! Come along for a ride the whole family will enjoy.” Storyberries

Henry Helps Wash the Car” by Beth Bracken and Allie Busby

“Henry has his swimsuit and bucket and is all ready to help his mum wash the car out in the driveway. What could possibly go wrong? This fun and simple book will have your kids wondering what sort of adventures they could have right outside their own house—and who knows, you might even get an eager young helper out of it! ” Storyberries


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