An Eagle swooped from out the sky,
And carried off a sheep.
A Raven seeing him, said: “I
Could do that too if I should try.
His meal comes mighty cheap.”

Of all that well-fed flock was one
As fat as fat could be.

The Raven rose, and lit upon
Her back. She seemed to weigh a ton–
So very fat was she.

And, oh! Her wool was wondrous thick:
It would have made a mat.
The Raven’s claws are caught, and stick!
He’s played himself a pretty trick–
To fly with one so fat.

“Ba, ba!” “Caw, caw!” cry bird and beast.
The shepherd comes at last:
Sir Raven who would find a feast
Is from the woolly one released,
And in a cage kept fast.

BEDTIME FABLE written by Aesop – translated by Jean de la Fontaine – and adapted into poems by W.T. Larned

Let’s Chat About The Stories ~ Ideas for Talking With Kids


1. What do you think this fable shows about the risks of being too confident?