Bedtime stories All Aboard short stories for kids header

All Aboard

Nina is worried about moving cities… until her family plays a game with her!

Fairy Tales illustration Chinese Fairy Tales

Rose of Evening

Rose of Evening is beautiful and kind, but what is she keeping secret?

Fairy Tales The Six Sillies story illustration

The Six Sillies

A young man wants to marry a silly girl… but must find three sillier people first!

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Everything is noisy when baby is asleep!

Fairy Tales The Queen Bee illustration by Paul Klee

The Queen Bee

A younger brother is a wise dwarf who teaches his brothers kind things.

Fairy Tales Bushy Bride illustration

Bushy Bride

Two siblings face a cruel stepmother. What will they do to protect one another?

Fairy tales The Clever Girl illustration magic stars

The Wise Girl

A clever and wise girl becomes – and stays – a Queen…