You may have spotted Charu Jain’s delightful work at Storyberries – her sweet illustrations feature throughout our free picture book The Whole World I Love It, and she has also lent her talents to our latest poem, Polly’s Pies.

Today, we shine a spotlight on her illustration work, and discover a little bit more about the artist behind the pen!

Hi I am Charu, a self-taught artist based in Bengaluru India with my sweet family. My kids and my hubby are my biggest support and strength. They keep supporting me in every possible way they can.

Bedtime story The Whole World I Love It kids book header illustration

What is your background? How did you fall in love with illustration?

I am a science graduate but art runs in my family. I was always encouraged by my mom, grandma and my aunt to create art. I remember when I was an instructor at language school, I used to teach my students on Preposition through my little doodles and they used to love it! I started my art journey ten years back when I was expecting my second child.

Charu Jain children's book illustrator - illustration 1 squirrel

What were your very first drawings?

My Mom taught me how to draw a cute cat. I used to draw cute girls and animals more. I also did lot of doodles.

What are your favourite things to illustrate?

I love to illustrate children, whimsical characters like gnomes, pixies, fairies and also birds. I just love to create magic through my drawings.  Many adults laugh at my imagination saying “Oh, you still believe in magic!” and I say with a giggle “Of course I do, because Magic happens to those who believe in it.”

Charu Jain children's book illustrator - illustration 2 birds

What other kinds of work do you do, apart from children’s illustration?

I am fond of doing Yoga, meditation cooking, gardening and spending quality time with my loved ones and family. I enjoy doing mixed media in my journals and sketching from life in my garden or a track. I am also enjoying drawing in procreate on the i-pad.

Charu Jain children's book illustrator - illustration 4 art

What is a typical day for you?

My day starts with a hot ginger tea in the morning, followed by some yoga and meditation. Because of lockdown, my kids are home so I have to teach them too. Afternoon is my time – I make sure I spend two hours for my art. I am a traditional watercolor artist so Art is like food for my soul – I have to do it by hook or crook !

Charu Jain children's book illustrator - illustration 5 birds nest

What was your favourite children’s book as a child?

My favourite types of stories were fairy tales, but my favourite books included Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, and Winnie the Pooh.

Charu Jain children's book illustrator - illustration 3 kids

How can people contact you if they’d like to know more?

Clients can reach me directly at my email address: charujain2776 [at]

You can also follow Charu at her Facebook page, and on Instagram