A normal day as usual - The Time Machine - kids writing and bedtime stories 1

I woke up went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, everything was usual until I opened my front door for a delivery.

I thought, I knew who he was, but I couldn’t tell who he was under his helmet, so I closed the door and started sorting through the things.

2 The Coffee Dilemma - The Time Machine - kids writing and bedtime stories

I was going to make some coffee, but I was out of coffee beans. I shuffled through my order, oh my house was a mess when I found the coffee beans.

I made some coffee but while making it, I noticed a note it read.

Grab the no.26 bus hop off at 5th avenue park ,come out of the street and run towards the hills clime the highest one, you will find a door labelled do not enter open it there be a pizza restaurant go to the washroom jump out from a small window open the door to a small hut and enter.

From –
A Friend of Yours

This is very important and secret it must be remembered then torn and thrown.

I thought a while… fine, it was Saturday after all.

3 The Adventure Begins - The Time Machine - kids writing and bedtime stories

I read the note again, learnt it and the adventure begins!!!!!!!!!

I caught the number 26 bus, got off at 5th avenue park and did the rest of the instructions exactly.

I entered cabin then I saw flashes of light like a camera was taking pictures of me, I saw more flashes left and right, then I heard a familiar voice, it was my old friend Professor David, he has a PHD in astrophysics.

2 Introducing the Time Machine - The Time Machine - kids writing and bedtime stories

Kids writing The Time Machine illustration

It’s what will allow you to travel in the fourth dimension.

Any guesses what it is?

No, ok I’ll tell you.

Its time, yup that is the fourth dimension.

So, I did research on it and found out time travelling is possible.

Oh, that’s incredible, I replied.

Yup it’s good, but I still need someone to test it. But then I thought it’s too unsafe to time travel alone, so I called you. We are going on prehistoric journey to the Jurassic period to see the dinosaurs. We’re going document the whole journey with pictures and videos then we will make a documentary about dinosaurs, then will go to the future to see the amazing inventions humankind will invent in the next few years. But my time machine just can’t go back and forth in time it can also go to different places.

Awesome, I replied.

5 Lets zip to the past - The Time Machine - kids writing and bedtime stories

But before we time travel to the past we must learn how to use the past time travelling survival kit.

There are some snacks, matches a knife and a dinosaur identifying machine.

But how to use the Dino identifying machine?

Point the camera on the Dino and then press the button then it will give all the information you need (if it’s carnivorous you better run fast, or you will be Dino dinner)

When I entered the time machine there was a screen a keyboard and a red button labelled start.

6 Oopsy Daisy - The Time Machine - kids writing and bedtime stories

I typed

“Jurassic period, 145 million years ago”

While I was going to call professor David I tripped on a bolt and my face landed straight on the red button. The door started closing and a minute later I saw the doors opening. What I saw outside was a sight to behold.

Wow!!!! It was amazing!

A triceratops!!!

It works, the time machine works!

But I was alone in the Jurassic period. What was I going to do? What dangers could be lurking behind me?

Just then I heard something.


Kids writing The Time Machine T-rex illustration

It was a T-rex oh boy – I ran as fast as I could.

When the T-rex stopped chasing me I stopped to catch my breath.

Then I saw I was in a shadow. When I looked up there was a flying dinosaur, what was it I didn’t know what Dino it was, so I pulled out my Dino identifier.

I snapped a photo of it

It is a Pterodactyl.

But then I felt a pat on my shoulder. I was scared to look back, it could be another T-rex ready to eat me, but when I looked back a huge surprise met me. It was my old friend professor David, then he told me his whole story.

It went like this …

When I saw you and time machine was missing, I used the old prototype of the time machine. It turned out to work, so I came to save you.

We were taking pictures and videos, writing down notes and taking plant samples. At night we were very sleepy and hungry; we ate the snacks we packed then we slept in a cave. When we woke up we decided it was time to go back to the lab, so we walked to the time machine and opened the doors, but then the screen showed 1% battery left. Professor David calculated we were stuck in the Jurassic period until we could find a battery, but then an idea popped in my head.

Why don’t we use the old prototype time machine?

That’s a great idea, Professor David replied.

But when we got there it was severely damaged. But we managed to get the battery out and put it in the working time machine. We opened the doors and set it to 2020

7 Lets zip to the future - The Time Machine - kids writing and bedtime stories

In a minute we were back to Professor David’s lab then he called his friend to help him make the documentary of dinosaurs we were talking about earlier. Once he was done, we watched it; it was amazing.

But we still had a mission to do in the future.

8 Amazing inventions - The Time Machine - kids writing and bedtime stories

Me and Professor David decided we should go to 2050.

I thought the future would be more peaceful than the past. Yeah, flying cars are more peaceful than a T-rex trying to eat me.

I typed 2050 on the screen.

Then professor David came in pressed the start button but then the screen only showed 1% battery.

Oh no we forgot to recharge the battery!

Once Professor David re-charged the battery, he came in, pressed the start button, and to the future we go.

What we saw was just as amazing as the Triceratops but less dangerous.

8 This technological era - The Time Machine - kids writing and bedtime stories

We snapped a few pictures and videos of it.

It looked like a race with colourful flying supersonic cars (cars that go faster than the speed of sound).
Very colourful and fast.

Kids writing The Time Machine future car illustration

We hopped back in the time machine and went back to Professor David’s Lab in 2020.


The End - bedtime stories for kids

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