There once was a very strange type of house. It was not an ordinary house: it had wings and legs, and was built of a combination of gold, silver and bronze colours!! There lived a ghost inside the house! The ghost looked really scary. His eyes were evil green; he had a mouth three times the size of a blue whale’s mouth! And he could fly in the universe! When he was one year old, he had learned every bad spell there was (with his hands) and could do all sorts of evil things.

One day he made the whole world into his army except Banury Savryed Zasew, who alone, was enough to capture the ghost and his army ! This was his plan: from behind he would capture the whole army and then by sneaking in and catching the ghost and squishing the ghost, the ghost would be gone. He did the same, but the army captured Banury Savryed Zasew and the ghost destroyed him. But when he destroyed him, the ghost lost his powers and the powers went in the army! With their new-found power, the army realised that they were all good people. So they got rid of the ghost and everything went normal again. They also started the festival Banury Savryed Zasew to celebrate his braveness and mark the day he bravely fought the horrible ghost and his army.

Child author Kids Writer Avyaan Storyberries