Inspiring a love of art

Why do we look at art? Why should we care about it? How do we make it? What is art anyway? These and other questions lie at the heart of these ten books, with plenty of opportunities for young learners to get their hands messy along the way. And, honestly, parents can learn right alongside their children–because there’s no such thing as knowing too much about art.

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The School of Art: Learn How to Make Great Art with 40 Simple Lessons” by Teal Triggs and Daniel Frost


“Colour, composition, line, perspective–this illustrated guide is the perfect way to help kids take their creative skills for a spin. There are forty lessons, accompanied by forty try-at-home activities, and together they form a solid art-and-design foundation for anyone who’s ever been curious. Welcome to the School of Art!” Storyberries

Mix It Up! by Hervé Tullet

“This interactive, read-aloud exploration of colour will delight the whole family. Preschoolers and early readers will love the chance to mix different shades and test different combinations, coming into an understanding of how adding colours together creates totally new ones. And parents will love watching their children’s artistic imaginations come alive.” .Storyberries

These Colors Are Bananas” by Jason Fulford and Tamara Shopsin

“This art lover’s guide to a range of hues, inspired by the Whitney Museum, takes everything you think you know about color and blows it up into a rainbow of possibilities. So many different objects we see every day can come in so many different shades that it’s a whole project of its own to even try to name them all! Take your child on a ride of richly realized colors, as seen on apples, dogs, and the grass under our feet.” Storyberries

I’m NOT Just a Scribble…” by Diane Alber

“Sometimes, to create amazing art, you’ve got to start with a scribble. This colorful, visually recognizable story will take kids on a journey of exploration and acceptance across different types of drawings. In the end, they’ll learn that it takes all kinds of skills and personalities to build the rich world of art.” Storyberries

Art Workshops for Children” by Hervé Tullet

“Making art is pretty great. Making it together is even better. Parents and teachers will find in this book the ideal tool for organizing and running fun and fruitful workshops for young people. From home to school to a party to a museum, the activities will show kids (and adults!) that art can be encountered–and loved–everywhere.” Storyberries

How to Draw All The Things for Kids” by Alli Koch

This book has it all in a wonderfully light hearted and easy-to-follow format. As well as giving clear instructions on how to draw all kinds of things, young artists are encouraged to develop their own flavour and style. This would make a beautiful gift – one that is sure to please and to be used over and over again. Storyberries

Why is Art Full of Naked People? and other vital questions about art” by Susie Hodge


“This book is full of questions we all have about art–from its history and its creators to its weird trends–but only kids are brave enough to ask. Twenty-two of those questions make their way into these pages, providing kids the space, imagery, and information to draw their own conclusions about the wacky world of art. A fun learning experience for art appreciators of all ages.” Storyberries

Art Lab for Kids” by Susan Schwake and Rainer Schwake

“This workbook walks kids through one assignment or project a week, encouraging them to think outside the box. From pencils, paints and brushes to mixed media, the message is that anything can be used for art. And with 52 lessons laid out, your kids will be set for the next year!” Storyberries

Journal Sparks: Fire Up Your Creativity with Spontaneous Art, Wild Writing, and Inventive Thinking” by Emily Neuburger


“This handy and colourful guide engages all your child’s artistic tendencies, from doodling and writing to collaging. In fact, it will help journal keepers of any age to be creative. It invites the user to consider their own life as a focal point of their art and to find the spark of inspiration in their day-to-day routine. After spending a little time with this book, both you and your child will see the world in wonderful new ways!” “Storyberries

Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids: A Silly Book for Creative and Visual Thinking by Jeanette Nyberg

“‘This book is one big spark of encouragement–not only for kids who are already excited by art and drawing, but for kids who may be a little intimidated by it or don’t consider themselves capable of being creative. It’s all about sneaking artsy ways of thinking into everyday life and “making it silly.” An endearing reminder that creating art is about the journey as much as (if not more than) the destination.” Storyberries


Best free books at Storyberries
Bedtime stories Tiny Notes to the Sun by Sue Clancy wordless picture books header

Tiny Notes To The Sun by Sue Clancy

“A wordless fable and a wordless poem” is how fine artist Sue Clancy introduces this experimental and thoughtfully created book which encourages children (and adults) to create their own stories using her beautiful pictures as prompts. Pure delight.

How to Draw a Dragon by Sue Clancy

Kids will love making use of this free-to-download activity colouring book which doubles as a delightfully fun story, and contains a template to make a starry crown – just like the one worn by the rabbit in the story.
Kids activities How to Draw a Dragon coloring book header
Mogau's Gift free kids book cover

“Mogau’s Gift

Mogau has a wonderful gift for paintng. In this story which forms part of the Storyberries African stories collection, Mogau and his family go on a very special journey to find a place for Mogau to be an artist – and find a colourful place indeed!

Where Is Yellow


In this imaginative story, a tube of yellow paint is hiding. She doesn’t want to mix with the other colours around her, afraid of what might happen if she does. The artist in the house needs Yellow to help her finish her picture that she wants to make as a gift for all the children of the world. Will Yellow help her? Read the story with its delightful illustrations to find out.
Bedtime Stories Where Is Yellow Free Books Online header