Helping kids through difficult family times

Families that choose to separate for whatever reason can experience a variety of difficult emotions. But there is room for understanding, kindness, and reassurance. Here are 10 of our picks for shepherding kids through a time that might be hard on families, but also a way to prove their love for one another.

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Two Homes Filled with Love” by Steve Herman

“Drew and his dragon Diggory Doo, step in to help a friend who is struggling with living in two homes with separated parents. This is a compassionate and gentle guide to helping a kid overcome an intimidating, but not insurmountable, challenge.”

I Don’t Want to Talk About It” by Jeanie Franz Ransom and Kathryn Kunz Finney

“News of a divorce is a big deal for a kid; it might make them want to roar like a lion, or hide like a fish in the sea, or fly away like a bird. But with thoughtfulness and honesty from their parents, they can come to understand that after the event happens, the love their parents have for them will never change.”
Dont Want to Talk About It by Jeanie Franz Ransom and Kathryn Kunz Finney Divorce Separation book list
Teacup by Rebecca Young and Matt Ottley Divorce Separation book list

Teacup” by Rebecca Young and Matt Ottley

“A boy sets out for a new home, carrying a teacup full of earth from his old one. This beautiful picture book evokes all the turbulence, anxiety, and transformative power of any big life change, and shows kids there’s a way to meet those changes head-on.” Storyberries

“Mum and Dad Glue” by Kes Gray and Lee Wildish

“The hero of this story is looking for a pot of ‘parent glue’ to stick his mum and dad back together after they come apart. This book, with a sympathetic and relatable metaphor, provides a great example of the growing a family can do together even when relationships get broken.”

Hello Jimmy!” by Anna Walker

“When a parrot named Jimmy shows up on the doorstep, Jack’s dad can’t get enough of him. Jack, though, isn’t quite so pleased. This charmingly illustrated book shows the strength and importance of the relationship between a boy and his father.”

Here and There” by Tamara Ellis Smith and Evelyn Daviddi

“Children ages 3-8 and their parents will particularly love this story of young Ivan, who finds refuge from the chaos of his parents’ separation in the majesty of nature. A richly colored meditation on the people, and things, that are always there for us.”

When My Parents Forgot How to Be Friends” by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos and Marta Fabrega

“This book tells the comforting story of parents who continue to love their child even after they stop getting along with each other. Children will enjoy listening and looking at the pictures while their parents read aloud.”

Standing on My Own Two Feet” by Tamara Schmitz

Having two homes can be just like having two feet—making you stronger. That’s what Addison learns when his parents split up. Kids and parents will be charmed and uplifted by this story of a loving family who simply look a little different than they used to.

Fred Stays With Me!” by Nancy Coffelt and Tricia Tusa

“When parents split and move into separate spaces, where does the dog go? The child in this book is determined to stay close to her dog no matter what. With a childlike voice and touching illustrations, this book addresses the less-often-discussed issue of how family separations affect the animals in their lives.”

Two Homes” by Claire Masurel and Steve Herman

“Life is different at Mom’s house than at Dad’s house. The changes from one to the other can be confusing. Luckily, one thing never changes, and that is the love that both Mom and Dad have for their kid. The bright colors and comforting words of this book will reassure kids that a divorce need not be as scary as it sounds.”
Two Homes Filled with Love by Steve Herman Divorce Separation book list

Free Online Books From Storyberries About Divorce & Separation

Best free books at Storyberries
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The Letter

In this thoughtful and beautifully illustrated story, Julia decides to write her parents a letter, to tell them how angry and distressed she feels when they keep arguing.

All Aboard

When parents divorce or separate, children often have to deal with moving house and school. Although this book is not about family breakup, it may be reassuring for kids who are changing school.
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The Book On The Top Shelf

Galen and his dad both miss Galen’s mum. A beautiful book for helping children to express the sadness, and other emotions they feel when they miss someone they love.