Responding To Climate Change In Ways That Support and Encourage

As our home planet continues to evolve and its climate to change, we need our kids to be more informed than ever about the role they—and we all—play in the ecosystem we are part of. Here are 10 books to get them started toward changing, and maybe even saving, the world.

The Old Man and the Penguin A True Story of True Friendship by Julie Abery and Pierre Pratt Environment Book List

The Old Man and the Penguin: A True Story of True Friendship by Julie Abery and Pierre Pratt

“Based on a touching true story, this poem describes an unlikely but very strong bond between a man and a penguin caught in an oil spill. An unforgettable tale, beautifully rendered by author Julie Abery and illustrator Pierre Pratt. ” Storyberries
The Keeper of Wild Words by Brooke Smith and Madeline Khepper Environment book list

The Keeper of Wild Words” by Brooke Smith and Madeline Khepper

“Mimi loves words for things in nature—apricot, blackberry, buttercup—but when the words start disappearing, she knows they need protecting. Enter her granddaughter Brook. This inventive, imaginative tale will give both kids and adults a new appreciation for the world around them and the words they use to describe it.” Storyberries
Where the Forest Meets the Sea by Jeannie Baker Environment book list

Where the Forest Meets the Sea” by Jeannie Baker

“A visually captivating tour through an environment that may be disappearing faster than we think. By painting a picture of extinct or rare species populating the forests of long ago, Baker reminds us of the importance of preserving what is here now.”
The Big Book of Blooms by Yuval Zommer Environment book list

The Big Book of Blooms” by Yuval Zommer

“What does a venus flytrap eat? How strong is a giant water lily? Does a cactus flower? These and any other questions your or your child might possibly dream up about flowers is bound to be answered in this book. And there are unforgettable pictures to match!”
Lots by Marc Martin Environment book list

Lots” by Marc Martin

““A book about everything, for everyone,” as this book has become known—and rightly so: there are more animals, humans, cars, city scenes, and creatures of every kind than you can count! A necessary book for when you need reminding of how big the world is and how perfectly you fit into it.”
Deep in the Ocean by Lucie Brunelliere Environment book list

Deep in the Ocean” by Lucie Brunellière

“When a submarine sets sail for deep waters, the scientists on board are hardly prepared for what they’ll find. Bursting with rich images—and six different kinds of ink (not counting octopus’s!)—this book explores marine life like few books ever have.”
Old Enough to Save the Planet by Loll Kirby and Adelina Lirius Environment Book List

Old Enough to Save the Planet” by Loll Kirby and Adelina Lirius

“This book tells tales of the measures kids can (and do!) plan and take to slow the damaging process of climate change. A perfect book to inspire readers of all ages to action.”
If You Come to Earth by Sophie Blackall Environment Book List

If You Come to Earth” by Sophie Blackall”

This gracefully drawn book tells the story of…well, everything about Planet Earth. A story for children who want to know how their choices affect our home, and how to make good ones that will last many lifetimes.

The Digger and the Flower” by Joseph Keufler

“What happens when a powerful construction machine encounters one of the smallest, most delicate, yet strongest of nature’s creations? Told with starkly contrasting colors, this book asks the big question of how to create space for everything in an environment with limited resources.”
We Are Water Protectors by Carole Lindstrom and Michaela Goade Environment Book List

We Are Water Protectors” by Carole Lindstrom and Michaela Goade

“Inspired by the water preservation movements led by North America’s Indigenous communities, this book of lush illustrations, plants in our minds the reality that we are all responsible for creating practices that will ensure safe water for use by all living things.”

Storyberries Books About Earth And The Environment

Best free books at Storyberries
Bedtime stories Our Beautiful World short stories for kids header

Our Beautiful World

A beautifully illustrated book encouraging kids to think about the importance of caring for the Earth, and how they might make a difference
Bedtime story The Whole World I Love It kids book header illustration

The Whole World I Love It

A lovely book for young children which expresses parental love for a child through beautiful images of the simple and delightful things that a young child might see in their day.
Bedtime stories Dive short stories for kids header


There are so many different creatures to be found under the sea. Join a nature-loving boy as he goes on a diving adventure and encounters the marvels of the coral reef. A beautiful, informative book.