One sunny afternoon in the North Pole, Jingles asked Pepper and Sprinkles to go swimming in the Cocoa River. Sprinkles brought bubble gum floats for everyone and then they all got in Jingles’ sleigh. The road was made of black liquorice so they stopped to nibble on the side of the road. After a few minutes they were on the road again. Soon after, they reached the Cocoa River.

Bedtime Stories Elftopia Three Elves short stories written by kids

They splashed around and played freeze tag. Then Pepper found a bottle and they all got out of the water to open it.

They found a map inside the bottle and the first thing they read was “Elftopia”. Sprinkles said her grandmother used to tell her stories about Elftopia and she how it was a magical dimension where there were no gnomes to harm them.

Bedtime Stories Elftopia map in a bottle short stories written by kids

Then Jingles said, “Wow! I wish we could go there.”

“Well, we could,” said Sprinkles. “After all, we have the map.” Then they all agreed they would leave first thing in the morning.

In the morning they all met in the Gingerbread House. Then they once again got into Jingles’ sleigh and set off for the gate where Ogreville and the North Pole meet. When they got there the gate was striped red and white. When they entered they saw green cotton candy everywhere and evergreen gum balls.

Bedtime Stories Elftopia gumball land gate short stories written by kids

They saw an ogre who was trying to eat a green gum ball that was too big for his mouth. Sprinkles said, “There is one already cracked open over there.”

“I know,” said the ogre. “What are you even doing here?”

“Going to Elftopia,” said Sprinkles.

“Please tell me more!” said the ogre.

Sprinkles told him about all the cool things in Elftopia, and when she was done the ogre said, “Please let me go with you!”

“Sure,” said Sprinkles. “The more the merrier!”

Then everyone got into Jingles’ sleigh. Sprinkles said, “Next stop, Fairy Land!”

So Jingles pulled into a warp hole. A few seconds later they were in Fairy Land. There were floating lights and tiny trees everywhere!

Then they saw a fairy that was sitting down, muttering, “Sugar plum fairy! Sugar plum fairy!”

Bedtime Stories Elftopia Sugarplum fairy short stories written by kids

Jingles went up to her and said, “What’s wrong?”.

“They are banning me from Fairy Land forever and ever. I have no place to go,” said the fairy.

“Well, you could come with us to Elftopia,” said Jingles.

“Really?! I would love to!!” said the fairy.

“Next stop, South Pole!” said Jingles as they got back into the sleigh. Then they started on the road but as they were riding they almost hit a South Pole elf! They got out and asked the South Pole why he was running.

“Is, is he still chasing me?” replied the elf.

“Who?” said Pepper.

“The South Pole guard!” said the elf.

“Well, come with us. We will take care of you,” said Pepper.

“Mmm, okay sure! But we have to go now!” replied the elf.

“Okay, okay,” said Jingles as he made room for the South Pole elf.

Then they all got in the sleigh and Jingles pulled into another warp hole, and they were in the South Pole and the guard was chasing them. So Jingles went faster and faster, yet there were more guards every second.

Then Jingles quickly pulled into a warphole to a dimension that was cold and dark. They saw a faint light inside of a snow hill. They parked their sleigh and started to walk toward the light. Halfway there, they saw a door. They were so cold they ran to the door and knocked on it. Then they heard “thump…thump…thump..”

It was silent for a few seconds. Then the door opened and there was a yeti. The yeti said, “Ohhh, you must be freezing! Come in! Would you like some hot cocoa?”

Bedtime stories smiling yeti with hot chocolate kids writing at Storyberries

“Mmm, yes!” said them all.

“Yes, please!” said Jingles.

“Jingles loves hot cocoa,” said Pepper.

Then Jingles said, “Extra chocolate!”

The Yeti went to make the hot cocoa. When he came back he said, “Why are you all here?”.

“We are going to Elftopia!” they replied.

“And what is that?” said the yeti.

“A dimension where everyone is friends, “ said Pepper.

“Oh, can I come? I’m so lonely and I’d love to make some friends,” said the yeti.

“Sure,” said Jingles, “as long as you make hot cocoa for us!” Then everyone burst out laughing.

Then they were at the gate, and Sprinkles said, “Oh, I don’t feel so good!”

“Oh, come on! We’re almost there,” said Jingles. All the friends walked cautiously toward the gate.

Jingles said, “Well, this is it. If you don’t want to do this, turn back now.”

They entered the gate and there was chaos everywhere! There were even gnomes!

“I know what to do!” said Jingles. He whipped out some candy canes and gave the whole group candy canes. (Gnomes are allergic to candy canes.) They took out the gnomes, one by ones.

When they were finished all the elves came out of their damaged houses and said their thanks. Jingles and his friends offered to help clean up. They all worked together to clean up the village.

When they were done all the elves asked them to stay the night. But when they woke up they were all back at home.

There is no place like home!

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