Nesma Soulfight is the talented artist behind The Toothfairy’s Bicycle Helmet – a story that’s been read 142,000 times at Storyberries! Nesma’s wonderful, mischievous illustrations bring humour and fun to the tale of a toothfairy who loves playing pranks on a poor boy called Thomas.

Today we’re chatting with Nesma about the inspiration for her ongoing work, and how she approaches the magical task of illustrating children’s books.

How did you first start illustrating?

Years ago during middle school, coloring books were my first group of friends, then came famous anime characters and me trying to redraw them and after that I fell in love with an old tale-Russian children book that I still look up to till today, as much as I loved that book, as much as I want to make illustrated children books that kids will love similarly.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

That it is an endless world of options, you can do anything, pick any color, draw countless expressions and fell deeply in a bottomless well of imagination. There is no limit …

What inspires you?

Every and anything… I stalk anyone who can draw, sketch or even scribble on the wall as long as it catches my eye.

What tips would you give for other illustrators who would love to illustrate children’s books?

To the usual tip of “Always practice”, I would add “Always read children books… every kind of them.. learn from these.” It always amazes me how many art styles are there… Trying to experiment with different styles will get you there eventually

What are you working on now?

Aside from graphic design works and commissions, currently my toddler is the biggest, dearest, most challenging project.

You can get in touch with Nesma for commissions at her website: