Ganderfeather’s Gift – Lullaby Land

Illustration of kiss for kids poem Ganderfeather Lullaby Land by Eugene Field
A child is kissed by a fairy - and it makes a little mole!
Ganderfeather’s Gift – Lullaby Land

I was just a little thing
When a fairy came and kissed me;
Floating in upon the light
Of a haunted summer night,
Lo, the fairies came to sing
Pretty slumber songs and bring
Certain boons that else had missed me.
From a dream I turned to see
What those strangers brought for me,
When that fairy up and kissed me–
Here, upon this cheek, he kissed me!

Simmerdew was there, but she
Did not like me altogether;
Daisybright and Turtledove,
Pilfercurds and Honeylove,
Thistleblow and Amberglee
On that gleaming, ghostly sea
Floated from the misty heather,
And around my trundle-bed
Frisked, and looked, and whispering said–
Solemnlike and all together:
‘You shall kiss him, Ganderfeather!’

Ganderfeather kissed me then–
Ganderfeather, quaint and merry!
No attenuate sprite was he,
–But as buxom as could be;–
Kissed me twice, and once again,
And the others shouted when
On my cheek uprose a berry
Somewhat like a mole, mayhap,
But the kiss-mark of that chap
Ganderfeather, passing merry–
Humorsome, but kindly, very!

I was just a tiny thing
When the prankish Ganderfeather
Brought this curious gift to me
With his fairy kisses three;
Yet with honest pride I sing
That same gift he chose to bring
Out of yonder haunted heather.
Other charms and friendships fly–
Constant friends this mole and I,
Who have been so long together.
Thank you, little Ganderfeather!


Header illustration created using elements by 5638993, ArtsyBee and Susannp4 at Pixabay, with thanks.



1. This poem is about a child who is kissed by a fairy, and it creates a little mole on his face. Have you ever been kissed by a fairy? Where?

2. Can you imagine what other things a fairy kiss might make happen? Try to think of some more.

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