The Pixies on the Moon

poems for kids The Pixies on the Moon illustration
A poem about what the pixies get up to amongst the stars!
The Pixies on the Moon

The pixies who live on the moon in the sky

Pop out at night, and shout with a cry –

“Let’s paint the sky with glow balls of light,

Let’s stretch our wings and fly full flight!”


And off they dance like acrobats

With glittering skin and bell-topped hats.

Cartwheeling forth through the dusty air,

They adorn all the stars with twinkle and flare.


Light little steps, from cloud to cloud;

One pixie fell; she shrieked painfully loud.

She tore both her wings and plunged with a crash;

Her pitiful screams turning stars into ash.


Alas! The sky mourned; so dark and so bleak,

But then Pixie’s mummy kissed softly her cheek.

She fixed both her wings with strong comet soil;

The power of love; that medicinal oil.


Twinkle! Bang, Zoom! Pop! Whiz!

The stars returned; all glitter and fizz

The pixies rejoiced in their circus of light.

They whistled new fire, so silver and bright.


They swirled and they twirled till the sky turned light blue.

Till the sun rose and shunted the stars out of view.

The pixies flew back to their beds on the moon-

“We’ll be back at dusk with our sparkling tune!”


Header illustration created with elements from Pixabay, with thanks.



1. The author of this poem imagines the lights of the sky as pixies who dance with colours and light. Can you imagine some other things that the stars might be?

2. How would falling stars and comets be created, in the story of your imagination?


1. The poem talks about the power of love to fix the pixie’s torn wings. What kind of powers do you think love has? What kinds of other things can love make better?


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