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Cross legged, I sit on the old kitchen floor

And I gawp at our washing machine,

I follow the whirl and the swirl of our clothes,

And the glug of the rhythmical clean. 


My jumpers, like gymnasts, leap over themselves

As the towels roly-poly and spin.

I spy a green sock – it is there, then it’s gone,

 Eyes peeled, I search for its twin!


The machine chugs and churns; bright colours whiz by

As the tumbling picks up in pace,

T-shirts chase trousers chase boxers and pants

And I wonder who’ll win at this race!


I stare at our gurgling, thrilling device

Till each cycle completes with a ‘Ding!’

I could sit here for hours; all day and all night

Oh it’s just the most marvellous thing!


© Phoebe Coghlan 2020


Mindfulness, Conversation

1. Is there anything that you feel you could watch for hours on end? What is it? 

Poem for Kids written by Phoebe Coghlan

About the Writer

Phoebe is an Intensive care nurse working in a central London, Major Trauma hospital. After busy twelve hour shifts, she likes to sit down with a cup of tea and write whatever comes into her head. You can see all her wonderful stories and poems at Storyberries by clicking here.