Encouraging kids to being open to different people

We all live on the same planet, embarking on the same journey of life together. But sometimes it can be difficult to remember that the most important thing we have in common is…our differences! Here are 10 books to teach kids (and remind adults) why we lead fuller, more exciting lives the more different people we meet.

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The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be by Joanna Gaines and Julianna Swaney Diversity book list

The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be” by Joanna Gaines and Joanna Swaney

“When a group of kids set out to build hot air balloons, they discover it’s better all around if they have different experiences, expressions, and abilities. Soon the sky is full of colorful balloons, each one totally unique. A great book for teaching kids that it’s more fun when everyone isn’t all the same.”

Every Little Letter” by Deborah Underwood and Joy Hwang Ruiz

“This charming book plays with the very meanings of words and letters themselves. Small h has always lived in a world apart with the big H’s—but when small h meets small i, they form a big new idea: hi. Kids and adults will be sure to remember this tale of reaching out.”
Every Little Letter by Deborah Underwood Diversity book list
Monty and the Poodles by Katie Harnett Diversity book list

Monty and the Poodles” by Katie Harnett

“Stray dog Monty strikes up a friendship with poodle Ginger—but Ginger’s home has a strict poodles-only policy, which really gets in the way. Can Monty and Ginger come up with a place where all will be welcome? A fun and resonant story, particularly for dog lovers of all ages.”

Every Night is Pizza Night” by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt and Gianna Ruggiero

“Pipo is convinced that pizza is the best food ever. But when she begins to encounter friends with different tastes and backgrounds in food, she realizes “best” might not mean as much as she thought it meant. A book sure to make you hungry for new perspectives.”
Every Night is Pizza Night by J Kenji Lopez Alt and Gianna Ruggiero Diversity book list
What If We Were All the Same by C M  Harris and Eric Everett Diversity book list

What If We Were All the Same!” by C. M. Harris and Eric Everett

“This book will show kids how much more meaningful life is when we have friends of all backgrounds, appearances, and traditions. Paired with a colorful and simple presentation, the message will be unforgettable.”

It’s Okay to Be Different” by Sharon Purtill and Sujata Saha

“With lovely illustrations, this book delivers the fundamental message that “you should always be kind to those who are different from you. Because to them, YOU are different too.” An important and endearing reminder to practice kindness, tolerance, and compassion.”
Its Okay to Be Different by Sharon Purtill and Sujata Saha Diversity book list
Whos inside the Hat by Kameel Vohra and Alvin Adhi Diversity book list

Who’s Inside the Hat?” by Kameel Vohra and Alvin Adhi

“Anika is pretty sure her new neighbor is a witch—she’s got the pointy hat, black cat, and everything. But what if this mysterious lady isn’t all she seems? This fun rhyming picture book instills in kids the reminder not to jump to conclusions and that it’s always worth getting to know someone.”

I’ll Walk With You” by Carol Lynn Pearson and Jane Sanders

“The latest touching poem from Carol Lynn Pearson is a gentle lesson to kids all about accepting and loving others just as they are. Parents and kids will recall the words long after the fact.”
Ill Walk With You by Carol Lynn Pearson and Jane Sanders Diversity booklist
All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman Diversity booklist

All Are Welcome” by Alexandra Penfold and Suzanne Kaufman

“At the school depicted in this book, children are accepted on the playground no matter what they wear, and are kind to one another no matter where they come from. A comforting portrait of a better world that you and your kids can help make a reality.”

Barefoot Books Children” by Tessa Strickland, Kate Depalma and David Dean

“This new edition is as playful and plentiful a description of how children live all over the world as you could want. Kids and adults will be fascinated by the “big ideas and everyday moments” that set apart, and bring together, the children of the world.”
Barefoot Books Children by Strickland Depalma and Dean Diversity booklist

Free Online Books By Storyberries on Diversity

Best free books at Storyberries
Bedtime stories Crepe Louise free books for kids page 22

Crepe Louise!

Louise lives in a caravan on a beautiful sunny hill. She loves her family and spending lots of time outdoors. In this brilliant, and beautifully illustrated story, Louise has a very surprising adventure when she sneaks into her mother’s magic bread kitchen and becomes tiny!

We All Fit Together

The children in Ms Ryder’s class create a giant work of art to celebrate what each of them love, and in doing so come to understand that a healthy, vibrant community allows for each person to be themselves. A super story for discussing diversity.
Short stories for kids We All Fit In Together bedtime stories header
Bedtime stories More of Me To Love free books online header

More Of Me To Love

“Being happy is not a size or a shape. There are so many things about a person to love!”
A beautiful story filled with love and self confidence. about a girl who has always known how much she is loved, and who shares her joy and happiness with everyone she meets.

The Whizzing Roundabout

In this super story, Zoe wishes she could have fun on the playground equipment with her friends. Before long, the community are working together and fund-raising to provide a wheelchair roundabout that everyone can enjoy!
Whizzy Roundabout header