Stories that go to the heart of what it is to be part of a family

Families come in different packages, and they are so much more than the sum of their parts. Here are ten books–heartfelt and humorous, factual and fantastical–that will remind you, your child, and all your loved ones of the extraordinary bond of family.

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we are family by patricia hegarty and ryan wheatcroft family book list

We Are Family” by Patricia Hegarty and Ryan Wheatcroft

“This book details the good and bad times that tie families of all kinds together regardless of how many people they are or how they look. Its colorful, bright, and engaging layout will allow readers young and old to connect with the many different kinds of people they see in its pages. A beautifully-rendered collection with an affirming message”.Storyberries

A Family Is a Family Is a Family” by Sara Oleary and Qin Lang

“Follow along as the students in a class describe what makes their families special, and the myriad forms a family can take. In the end, one child who is nervous to share the differences between her family and others learns that hers is just as valid because it is filled with love and care ” Storyberries
A Family Is a Family Is a Family by Sara Oleary and Qin Lang Family book list
The family book by todd parr family book list

The Family Book” by Todd Parr

“Every family is different–the way they look, the way they interact, the problems they have, the things they value–but all are equally important, legitimate, and worthy of love. Such is the message of this attention-grabbing book. The outrageously fun colour scheme and joyously-drawn characters might make you forget how deep the lesson goes.” Storyberries

Love Makes a Family” by Sophie Beer

“This book describes all the ways love manifests in everyday life, from baking a cake to lending a hand. And no matter what your family looks like, it’s a bona-fide family if it’s got love. Your child will be so happy hearing you read this aloud–after all, quality reading time is a beautiful way to show your love.” Storyberries
Love makes a family by sophie beer family book list
Drawn together by Minh Le and Dan Santat family book list

Drawn together” by Minh Le and Dan Santat

“Can you really be a family if you don’t speak a common language? This beautifully gentle book proves that you can–especially if you’ve got paper and pencils on hand. A touching tale of the power of the family bond as expressed through art and nonverbal communication.” Storyberries

The Relatives Came” by Cynthia Rylant and Stephen Gammell

“A story that will ring true to long-distance families scattered across the globe! When the relatives arrive for the summer, it’s all fun and games–so much so that it feels like hardly five minutes before they have to leave again. But there’s always next summer, right? The perfect read for anyone who doesn’t get enough time with their loved ones.” Storyberries
The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant and Stephen Gammell Family book list
Our family tree an evolution story by Lisa Westberg Peters family book list

Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story” by Lisa Westberg Peters

“This book takes us way back in time to the beginning of the family tree we all share. With enrapturing illustrations and words that will make you feel a part of something bigger, it’s sure to become a family favourite. It’s truly a story with a heart, a soul, and a brain–not to mention deep, deep roots.” Storyberries

The Snow Globe Family” by Jane O’Connor and S.D. Schindler

“Two families form the heart of this story–the little family who long for a blizzard in their snow-globe home, and the big family who don’t seem to notice. All except for Baby, that is, who resolves to shake up both the little family’s world and her own. An original tale that, no matter how snowy, will warm your family’s hearts.” Storyberries
The Snow Globe Family by Jane O Connor and S D Schindler family book list
one family by George Shannon and blanca gomez family book list

One family” by George Shannon and Blanca Gomez

“There are a lot of us, but we are also one – one world, one family–you name it. This endearingly-drawn and lovingly-rendered book reminds us of all the little things that can unite us. A book to treasure.” Storyberries

Still a Family: A Story about Homelessness” by Brenda Reeves Sturgis and Jo Shin Lee

“This moving and timely story tells of a family who are forced to move into a shelter–two shelters, actually, as a father must live separate from his wife and daughter. Still, they find time and space to be together, often in the park, and they grow closer as they share a fervent wish to be reunited under a roof of their own. The perfect addition to a modern family bookshelf.” Storyberries
Still a Family A Story about Homelessness by Brenda Reeves Sturgiss and Jo Shin Lee Family book list


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Some Mummies

A celebratory look at the different ways that mummies show their love and care. A beautiful appreciation of the possibilities of motherhood, which also allows pause for reflection.

To The Top

“A wordless picture book showing a girl and her dad climbing a mountain. With its beautiful images this creative book invites you to make up your very own story.” Storyberries
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